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Monday, December 28, 2015


Just during the past week I've seen eight films (in parentheses:  reviewers' and audience's ratings from Rotten Tomatoes):
I would say those Rotten Tomatoes ratings pretty much coincided with my like-factor.  Interesting that Star Wars 7 in 12 days has already reached a billion dollars of world-wide box office revenues, and China does not begin showing until next month.  Also worth mentioning that in various meal groups here at 15 Craigside I'm the only one who has seen it.  Read my review here if you want the full story.  If you don't want to know all the secrets before going, though, don't.  I especially enjoyed Spotlight and The Big Short was very okay.

The other four films I saw on television:
Note the 100% reviewers' ratings above.  

Here, the Rotten Tomatoes ratings did not match my views.  The Great Ziegfeld was too long at 3 hours, way over the top with the A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody set alone costing nearly $4 million in 2015 dollars and poorly rated.  I loved it!  So did the Motion Picture Academy, for the film won the Oscar for Best Film and Best Actress to Luise Rainer.  

Got to say a few things about her:
Incidentally, That's Dancing (1985, ?/71%) is showing today on TCM at 6PM EST and 1PM on Hawaii.


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