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Thursday, December 31, 2015


Again, the title is more provocative than the reality, for I am setting the stage for my posting of, probably, January 2, which will feature my final around the world adventure--a global cruise--and the necessary requirement that I find a female to join me.  Return for the details.

This is the final day of 2015, and I thought I'd feature the women who this past year have most captivated my attention and imagination.  For the record, most of them passed away a long time ago.  All the more reason for embarking on my final attempt to build future active and human relationships.

Of course, Pearl remains there as a continual reminder, although the time has come to, perhaps, move on:

I saw Irene Dunne several times this year, all on television, of course.  Her Smoke Get's in Your Eyes from Roberta, is unforgettable.  If you liked that, here is the 7-minute version, which keeps getting blocked.   Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers also danced.  Irene, further, sang Yesterdays and Jerome Kern wrote a new song for her, Lovely to Look At.  Earlier, she had failed in her attempt to join the Metropolitan Opera, ended up getting married to a dentist, promising to give up the theater, when on the day she returned from her honeymoon, happened to meet Flo Ziegfeld in an elevator, leading to her role as Magnolia Hawks in Showboat.  She was nominated for Best Actress five times.  

Broadway Melody of 1940 was another memorable film, for Eleanor Powell danced Begin the Beguine with Fred Astaire, and was so good that, it is rumored, Astaire refused to dance with her again.  Interestingly enough, while Powell passed away in 1982, if she were alive today, she would only be 103.  I just featured Luise Rainer, and she only went a year ago at the age of 104.

The lady that most awed me this year was Maria Theresa.  I vaguely remembered her, but on my Grand Around the World Adventure, one of my postings was entitled:

Blond, blue-eyed and short, Maria Theresa:
  • At around the time of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, only 23, pregnant with her fourth child, her father, Emperor Charles VI, passed away, leaving the House of Hapsburg (much of the Austro-Hungarian territories) essentially bankrupt.
  • She went on to have 16 children and ran the Empire for 40 years, leaving a rich country to her eldest son Ludwig (created Oktoberfest), who ran it for another 23 years.   
  • Youngest daughter was Marie Antoinette (right), who became Queen of France, only to be guillotined. 
  • Got to add this:
    • In those days the royalty lived longer because they did not drink water, surviving on beer and wine.
    • People were so afraid of water that they did not bathe or wash their clothes.
    • Maria Theresa washed her feet, her feet only, once/week.
    • Can you imagine what people smelled like then?
Not a terrific way to end the year, so I'll make it up tomorrow.

Suddenly, Typhoon Uta at 105 MPH appeared, will still strengthen, and move between Fiji and Tonga:


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