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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I'm in my 44th year at the University of Hawaii.  While I retired nearly 16 years ago, I still maintain an office on the Manoa Campus:  that 8-story blue building in the right top portion of the circle is the Pacific Ocean Science and Technology Building, where I can be found in room 113B, larger than when I directed the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute out of Holmes Hall.  I have a refrigerator with an assortment of libations, a SONY sound system, an authentic Van Gogh of Blue Irises (well, make that authentic copy, which I brought home from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam), plus two computers.

What do I do?  Well, I wrote my three most recent books here, and where I am now ready to attempt THE VENUS SYNDROME (scroll down to next posting).  My daily blogs are many times composed in this room, and I have access to the top people in renewable energy.  I theoretically mentor people and sometimes actually provide sage advice.  As a child growing up in Kakaako, the path I took to get here continues to astonish me.

The Hawaii Natural Energy Institute is mostly located in the POST building.  We had our annual Christmas party at Rijo (where the former Palamino operatedon the second floor of Harbor Court, across the street from where cruise ships sometimes park).  

That's Rick Rocheleau to the right (Mitch Ewan, left), who replaced me as director, which means he has now been running the Institute longer than my 15+ years.  HNEI is doing better than any organization in the University of Hawaii System.  The luncheon buffet at Rijo was long and outstanding.

Then, that evening I joined a bunch of old figures (I originally had a four letter word) at the College Hill residence of President David Lassner, who I knew when he was still a graduate student at the University during the years I taught computer programming and graphics.

Above, former President Fujio Matsuda with his wife Amy.  Below on the left, Al Simone, also a former president, who was honored with this reception, next to Dave Lassner:

Al, Chancellor Richard Takasaki, Dean Paul Yuen and I were golfing buddies.  Now, I try to walk on at the Ala Wai Golf Course, as I will today do.

During the past week I have mostly been writing about myself.  Tomorrow I complete this series with mostly what I eat.  For example, this afternoon I have asked my Wednesday night table to join me for a Miyazaki Wagyu Beef tasting in my apartment with sake:

You probably can't read the price, but it says $80.29/pound.  But this is the best beef in the world.


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