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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CROSSROADS OF MY LIFE: Part 1--Background

A year and a half ago I began a series on Transitions, that went on and on into July and included the afterlife, or potential for it.   (I've told this story of that colored mon to the right several times in this blog site, and here is yet another.)  Interestingly enough, what country do you think in that posting held the bottom spot, where only 4.3% were certain that God existed?   JAPAN!!!  Next, East Germany at 7.8%.  The USA?  A lofty 61%.  Residents of the Philippines most believe (of the 30 countries polled) that there is a God, at 84%.  Mind you, atheism in the USA has just about doubled since the 1990's, and this disbelief is increasing throughout the world, especially among the younger generation.

Today I begin another, and much shorter series, on Crossroads of My Life, when I made strategic decisions that were instrumental in getting me to where I am today.  These postings will sporadically appear whenever I feel like it.  While marriage to Pearl was also a key factor, this act did not qualify as a crossroad, for I simply fell in love and we remained together for 47 years until she passed away six years ago.  (To the left, a product from deviant art.)

As I think about it, virtually all my crossroads had a link to college:
  • Why I went to Stanford.
  • My decision to gain a PhD.
  • Magnificent dabbles with NASA, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the U.S. Senate.
  • Establishment of the Hydrogen Economy.
  • Development of the Blue Revolution.
  • Early retirement from the University of Hawaii in 1999.
  • Move into 15 Craigside.
Yes, I have:
  • Written five books.  (To the right of my three most recent.)
  • Helped establish national centers in hydrogen and ocean resources at the University of Hawaii.
  • Been recognized by national organizations with a variety of awards.
  • Written too many scholarly papers, published more than a hundred articles in The Huffington Post and am now in my 8th year posting daily features to Save Planet Earth and Humanity.
  • Lectured around the world and am now heading for 3 million miles on Star Alliance.
But, disappointingly, after a lifetime of dedication to the good cause, progress has been dismal:
  • Renewable energy commercialization has again stalled.  Of course, I can rationalize that the low cost of oil is the reason.
  • Global warming is proceeding, too, too dangerously, and no matter what  you read, the Paris agreement was meaningless.
  • I've gotten nowhere with regards to eternal Peace on Earth (my first HuffPo was on this subject).
  • The Blue Revolution is too much the Blue Evolution.
Crossroads Part 2 will be on an innocent and unsophisticated kid from Kakaako going to Stanford, and how that decision led to the confidence that resulted in what I am today.  When?  Not sure, but Part 2 will come during the first week of 2016.  (Left graphics from Pinterest.)

Tomorrow, 15 Craigside goes to 3660 on the Rise, and other matters dealing with the cuisine of my current life.  Also featured will be the New Liliha Bakery and colorful Monday Night Table cocktails.


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