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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

THE FINAL TRANSITION: Part 15D--USA vs World on God and the Afterlife

To recap, where details can be found in my previous postings and Chapter 5 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity, 90% of Americans believe in God.  Of course, it all depends on how you ask the question.  Here,  the National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago reported in 2012 on the following poll: 

Percent of residents who said they were certain of God's existence:
  • Japan: 4.3 percent
  • East Germany: 7.8 percent
  • Sweden: 10.2
  • Czech Republic: 11.1
  • Denmark: 13.0
  • Norway: 14.8
  • France: 15.5
  • Great Britain: 16.8
  • The Netherlands: 21.2
  • Austria: 21.4
  • Latvia: 21.7
  • Hungary: 23.5
  • Slovenia: 23.6
  • Australia: 24.9
  • Switzerland: 25.0
  • New Zealand: 26.4
  • West Germany: 26.7
  • Russia: 30.5
  • Spain: 38.4
  • Slovakia: 39.2
  • Italy: 41.0
  • Ireland: 43.2
  • Northern Ireland: 45.6
  • Portugal: 50.9
  • Cyprus: 59.0
  • United States: 60.6
  • Poland: 62.0
  • Israel: 65.5
  • Chile: 79.4
  • The Philippines: 83.6
Scandinavia is especially irreligious and the Japanese--with all their temples and ceremonies-- surprisingly fall between biology members of the National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society (see previous posting below).  Comparing the previously mentioned 90% with the 60.6% here for the United States, I guess about a third of Americana only kind of believe, at diminishing degrees of dedication.  Note that the Middle East was omitted.  Here are belief rates for Islamic regions:

As I earlier indicated, the USA, at 90%, ranks right up there with Muslim countries.

Pew Research does a lot of analysis on this subject:

Europe is particularly non-religious, while developing countries cluster at low wealth and high belief, with the USA as an obvious exception.  Here is another indicator:

This is getting awfully lengthy, but let me add two more, generational and educational differences:

There is an obvious future trend here, as the younger generations in ALL countries are losing faith.  Regarding "smartness" or "brilliance" or "advanced thinking" being inversely proportional to God belief, education level certainly nails down this contention, for college graduates show a distinct proclivity away from God.

I titled my Chapter 5 on religion the Golden Evolution.  Click on it to read why.  American upbringing generally succeeds in fostering high family values.  This must be good, for we are the only supreme nation left, with a 90% belief in an afterlife.  Yet, I personally find the logic of faith without proof insufficient to overcome my doubts.  I will have one more posting for this TRANSITION series, and this final one might well surprise you. 

Well, the Dow Jones Industrial Average set another all-time record today at 17,138.   Why?  China's growth was better than expected.

Typhoon Ramassun caused damage in the Philippines, killed 11, and is now in the South China Sea headed for northern Hainan as a possible Category 3 storm, then on to Hanoi:


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