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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


This is really reaching back in time, but Science Daily reported on a 2008 study led by Professor Anders Ahlbom from the Karolinska Instutet of  Sweden indicating that golf is a good investment for your health.  The death rate for golfers is 40% lower than other people of the same sex, age and socioeconomic status.  The bottom line is that golfers live five years longer.  Data from 300,000 Swedish golfers were compared with the general population of the country.

You say, isolated and maybe even far-fetched?  Well, from Canada, walking 18 holes drops  blood glucose levels up to 30% in older golfers and helps with weight maintenance.  Last week I walked twice and my weight dropped to 154.8, the first time I had seen 154 on a scale in a quarter century.  Then on Thursday, after walking 18 holes, down to 153.8.  I happened to have breakfast the next morning with my neighbor, who is a retired doctor, and, as he expressed some possible concern.  I ate a lot over the past few days and at last weigh-in after dinner last night, I was back up to 159, so, hopefully, I'm okay.

That same article above also mentioned that older golfers have slower swing speeds and reduced flexibility, but with the advanced technology of today, and subsequent better control, your handicap can be reduced.  In my case, I injured my hand a few months ago, and I can't fully grip my left hand.  Pros say that your grip should not be too tight anyway, but I didn't believe them.  Amazingly enough, as I now have no option but a soft left hand grip, my handicap this year dropped to the lowest ever in my life, 13.  

Finally, older  golfers can improve their game just with confidence, and when you add better balance control, my 13 might approach single digits.  15 Craigside has Tai Chi exercises twice a week, so that will be my next enhancement.

It was a perfect day for golf today.  I scored a 40 in the front nine and horribly in the back.

Knowing 15 Craigside was serving chicken hekka tonight, I dropped by Marukai and picked up some salmon roe (turns out an equivalent weight of eggs was one-sixth the price of salmon caviar from Whole Foods) and the following chu toro (fatty yellow-fin tuna):

My lanai dinner tonight:

Note the rain in the background.  In my Craigside penthouse, I would not have been able to do this.  The chu toro was the best sashimi I've had in a long time:

The ikura sushi was also delicious:

The chicken hekka topped with a raw egg was everything I expected:

I had a small bottle of hot sake (14% alcohol) and glass of cold beer (8.1% Hurricane) with the meal.

I  later joined the 15 Craigside poker gang and won a few bucks.

Well, Okinawa survived Super Typhoon Neoguri, which is now a mere typhoon at 120 MPH, but still headed for Kyushu:

However, the track of the eye is now completely changed, and Neoguri will lose strength after passing just north of Miyazaki, will re-enter the Pacific and bring some rain to Shikoku and eastern Honshu.


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