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Friday, July 11, 2014

TRANSITIONS: Part 14: Move to 15 Craigside

I arrived on the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus in August of 1972.  I retired at the end of 1999.  However, I was able to retain an office and now have been here for just about 42 years.  Here is how my room, POST 103B, looks today:

That tree trunk in the top photo is a Gold Tree.  It is one of more than a dozen in this one area next to the Pacific Ocean Science and Technology Building.  Note to the left in the shot immediately above are a microwave oven and a refrigerator, to the right a SONY sound system and at the top, a poster of the Old Course at St. Andrews.  This is where I disappear to write my blog and books.

But, anyway, in 1999 after the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute prevailed over a hundred other universities, winning the National Science Foundation Marine Bioproducts Engineering Center, I announced my retirement.  My staff went overboard to plan for my retirement party, which was held at the Hawaiian Regent in Waikiki, now a Marriott, attended by a couple of hundred friends and family.  My past few TRANSITIONS postings have reported on the subsequent next decade and a half of retirement.

Today, my final TRANSITION, predicated on my current belief that there is no afterlife.  Note that there will be a Part 15 on the possible afterlife.

15 Craigside is a seniors' community and just happens to be located next door to my residence of 32 years, which is on sale.  Here, my new home forever:

Apartment 1212 at the beginning of the move...

...and today:


Large walk-in closet with three times the space of my "old" apartment:

Full kitchen:

Note the 200 bottle wine refrigerator.  Lanai:

Our dining room:

Next door is our theater, here being entertained by the Royal Hawaiian Band

There are several movies/week with free popcorn, courses, travel presentations, and the University of Hawaii football games are televised here on a very large screen.

The Solarium hosts banquets, parties and entertainers, such as Ronnie Miyashiro to the right.  There are poker and ping pong tables, plus regular sessions of Scrabble, bridge, mahjong and more here.

I might add that every day there are up to a dozen events, especially devoted to exercises like Tai Chi, and a variety of programs preparing one for the end...or new beginning.   Excursions galore:  today to H-Power and tomorrow to the Star-Advertiser printing faciities, followed by shopping in Kapolei.  There are shuttles to shopping centers, events, attractions, etc.  If not for golf, I would not have a car.  The Bus stops are nearby and taxis can be cheaper than the cost of an auto.

Three views from my apartment, left (Punchbowl), straight (downtown Honolulu) and right (Ewa side):

The building is partially surrounded by graveyards, which are especially evident if you live on the Mauka (mountain--I am on the Makai, or ocean) side, where this is the scene:

Well, what better next and absolutely final TRANSITION to Part 15, the AFTERLIFE.  Hmm...15 Craigside...maybe this is the afterlife and I'm now in Heaven.

A 6.8 moment magnitude earthquake just struck Japan in the region of their monster 9.0 Great Tohoku Cataclysm of 2011.  No threatening tsunami of this relatively "average" tremor.  My HuffPo a month following that 9.0 when I was in Tokyo measured 7.1, and it was a tad scary.


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