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Sunday, July 13, 2014

THE FINAL TRANSITION: Part 15B: Who Believes in God and the Afterlife?

My Chapter 5 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity goes into fine detail on the matter of belief in God and the Afterlife.  However, you don't need to purchase it, for this blog site serializes this book, beginning with:

Here is a summary, but as this book came out six years ago, I have added more recent data as noted:
  • TIME (24June 1996)
    • Do you believe in the existence of heaven, where people live forever with God after death?
      • Yes  81% (rose to 85% in 2009)
      • No   13%  
    • Do believe you will meet friends and family members in Heaven when you die?
      • Yes  88%
      • No     5%
    • Immediately after death, which of the following do you think will happen to you?
      • Go directly to heaven  61%
      • Do to purgatory           15%
      • Go to hell                       1%
      • Be reincarnated             5%
      • End of existence            4%  (thus, only 4% has my eternal gloom view of the end)
  • Harris Poll 
    • Absolutely or somewhat certain there is a God  
      • 2003  79%
      • 2013  68%
    • Thus, USA belief in God seems to be declining
    • God observes, but does not control what happens on Earth
      • 2003  50%
      • 2013  37%
    • Again, there is a decline in the influence of God.
    • In this poll, only 1% of Americans indicated God is female.
    • In this 2013 poll, American belief:
      • God  74% 
      • Heaven  68%
      • Hell  58%
      • Darwin's Theory of Evolution  47%
      • Ghosts  42%
      • UFOs  36%
      • Witches  26%
    • Religion is the reason, but only around half of Americans believe in Evolution!
    • Difference between Republicans and Democrats:
                                                    Republicans   Democrats
      • God belief           87%               72%
      • Heaven               80%               66%
      • Hell                     74%               53%
      • Evolution             36%               52%
To some degree, it's all in how you ask the questions, for if you simply inquire if you believe in God, here is the response:

o Gallup 2007 95%
o Gallup (Baylor Study) 2006 92%
o Fox News 2004 92%
o Harris (Taylor) 2003 90%
o ABC News 2000 95%

Historically, from Gallup (note that from around half a century ago, the No's have jumped):

THUS, IT WOULD BE A SAFE STATEMENT TO MAKE THAT MORE THAN 90% OF AMERICANS BELIEVE IN GOD, AT LEAST TO SOME DEGREE.  How does this compare to, say, France, or U.S. National Academy of Sciences biology members?  The extent of the differences defy logic, and will be analyzed later this week.

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