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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The following continues the serialization of Chapter 5 on religion from SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity:

What do People Believe?

While IDIOT provided the superstructure, TIME magazine regularly delivers to me the latest statistics. In a poll of 1,004 adult Americans by Yankelovich (Time, June 24 1996, p. 62), and these apply mostly in the U.S.:

o Do you believe in the healing power of personal prayer?

§ YES 82%

§ NO 13%

(Recent polls do not deviate much.)

In a telephone poll of 1,018 Americans taken on March 11-12, 1997 by Yankelovich Partners:

o Do you believe in the existence of heaven, where people live forever with God after they die?

§ YES 81%

§ NO 13%

(A 2009 Readers' Digest poll rose to 85%.)

o Do you believe you will meet friends and family members in heaven when you die?

§ YES 88%

§ NO 5%

o Immediately after death, which of the following do you think will happen to you?

§ Go directly to heaven 61%

§ Go to purgatory 15%

§ Go to hell 1%

§ Be reincarnated 5%

§ End of existence 4%

Incredibly, only 4% of Americans have my eternal gloom belief. I hope Americans in the grand majority are right! Ah, but, that faith part might hinder my entrance. Perhaps my basic goodness will prevail.


I had Deetsie Chave of the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology and Connie (psychologist) and Harry Olsen (former Spark Matsunaga Fellow in Renewable Energy in Geothermal Energy) over for dinner tonight. We enjoyed the great weather on my roof with an assortment of local food. The Olsen's now live in Denver.


The Dow Jones Industrials edged down 4 to 10,970, while world markets were mostly up. Gold increased $4/toz to $1135 and crude oil is just under $87/barrel.


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