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Thursday, April 22, 2010


A few tidbits of interest today:

1. Last month was the warmest March on record. Earlier this winter, Senator James Inhofe built an igloo near his office. Try convincing him that global warming is real.

2. More renewable energy power generation capacity is currently under construction in China today than coal powerplants (96,000 MW versus 80,000 MW). Further, 26% of their electrical supply will be renewable by the end of this year. The United States will roughly be half that percentage.

3. Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. President Barack Obama announced that progress is being made toward passing comprehensive energy and climate legislation. View his speech, but I don't think anything significant will be enacted until tens of millions perish one hot summer. Glancing at the April 22 date in history, this might well have been the most important event ever.

4. The Food and Drug Administration today warned NOT to give any bones to your dog.

5. Romulus and Remus in 753 almost founded Rome was really yesterday, April 21.

6. Apropos of my HuffPo yesterday on the Hawaii and Iceland volcanoes, USAToday reports that volcano tourism is hot. As officials did for the swine flu and airport security, was there an overreaction to closing down air flights? The airlines alone lost more than $2 billion, plus add all the other losses, including lost time, spoiled exports, etc.

The Dow Jones Industrials edged up 9 to 11,134, while world markets were mostly down. The Japan Nikkei slipped below 11,000 yesterday and is now at 10,908. Gold fell $6/toz to $1140 and crude oil is just below $84/barrel.

A tropical cyclone popped up between Indonesia and Australia. Now at 50 MPH, it is expected to move west and weaken.


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