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Monday, April 26, 2010


My Chapter One of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity reports on wars. I today received one of those regular fear postings about that menacing country, China, and their build-up to conquer us:

I felt compelled to respond thusly:

Dear Dr. X:

The problem is that--why, I don't really know--the American people are afraid of our shadow (airport security, swine flu), and the military-industrial complex finds a way to jerk us around by regularly tossing out yet another fear item about China and Russia. Details are provided in Chapter One of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity.

Our awesome military (and nation at large) only needs to contend with a thousand deadly terrorists and a very few dangerous world leaders. We are not focusing on the real problem, partly because doing so will decimate the defense budget.

We spend six times more on defense than China. We will remain supreme for a century. China will get old before it gets rich. Oh, and Russia? Vietnam will have more people in a short while.

Why worry about naval ships...they are obsolete. Please read my original HuffPo of nearly two years ago when Barack was still trying to compete against Hillary.*** We (and the rest of the world, including China) need to get out of the rut of unnecessary big ticket military arms. These funds can better be used to build better schools, stimulate spending for wind machines, and more.


Should we be afraid of China, or Russia, and maintain our defense spending just in case they have nefarious plans? I'd like to hear from you.

The Dow Jones Industrials at this writing is up in low double-digits as I head for the airport, at around 11,222, while world markets were mixed. Gold is down a couple of bucks and oil is at $84/barrel.


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