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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

THE GOLDEN EVOLUTION (Part 29): The Bockris Counterpoint

The following continues the serialization of Chapter 5 on Religion from SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity:

The Bockris Counterpoint

I consider Professor John O'M. Bockris to be a colleague and good friend, until, maybe after he reads all this. Just kidding, John. We met in 1974 at that first hydrogen gathering I attended in Miami, and he is credited with coining the term, “The Hydrogen Economy.” He has written books on this subject. In 2005, he published The New Paradigm, a virtual counterpoint to the Amazing Randi. I think John Bockris is one of the greatest physical chemists of all time, and I was in Professor Rustum Roy’s office once, when he fielded a call, talked for a minute or two, hung up, and remarked, that was a call from one of the world’s finest chemists, or something like that. On the other end was from John Bockris. Professor Roy is mentioned in The New Paradigm, and earlier in his viewpoint on cold readings. I should add that the three of us agree on almost everything, except on paranormal phenomena and related subjects.

I read John’s book, and again find myself in an awkward position I’ve been in many times before. I can’t believe that human life was created by God, but most Americans do. Almost everything the President of my country, George W. Bush, supports, I don’t. And most of what I like, he doesn’t, or, at least, I wonder why he is really doing something when it seems reasonable. John Bockris is smarter than me. I don’t agree with him on the afterlife, and many other phenomena. What is wrong with me? If anything else, these kinds of contradictions inspired me to write this chapter.

Again, Bockris and I agree on many things. We concur on 99% of what science represents. He believes that there will be a coming world catastrophe because USA politicians from around 1980 did not take the responsible steps with regard to resource exhaustion. In CHAPTER 5 of Book 1 I, likewise, suggest so, too. He believes in cold fusion (CF). I do, too. In fact, I hired a CF researcher, perhaps, even before he, himself, actively got into the field. His book provides details. Secondly, he has gotten into some academic trouble with regard to CF, plus trying to convert base into noble metals, that is, lead into gold. Bockris and his team apparently succeeded. My inner mind tells me this should be possible. The problem came in reproducibility, quantity produced and the friends he kept. Again, you can read his side of the story.

So about The New Paradigm, in a nutshell, my view wildly conflicts with his, as Bockris states:

o Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) are real and much is known by the government about extraterrestrials. This information will be made clear early in this new millennium.

o There is an afterlife.

o Reincarnation is possible.

o Cold readings cannot be discounted by science.

o Human consciousness may in some form survive death.

o There is something about consciousness and spiritualism that current day science cannot explain. All the following could well be valid.

· Out of body and near death experiences.

· Poltergeists.

· Ghosts.

· Parapsychology (psychic phenomena) is mostly misunderstood.

· Extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis are valid practices.

· Psychic healing has been demonstrated.

· The Great Randi can be dismissed.

Now, Bockris does not exactly etch in concrete his beliefs in all the above. They are my interpretation based on what I have determined to be his attitude and logic describing the subject matter. More accurately, he, perhaps, is advocating that research on things such as paranormal phenomena and transformation of base metals be supported. Much of this, indeed, deserves scrutiny. His New Paradigm, he says, will allow for this leap forward.

Then there are the gray areas. An important aspect of his New Paradigm is the concept of interconnectedness, that is, everything is connected to all other things. There is something to this. Finally, there is much science does not yet know, and we need a new paradigm to allow the unknown to become known. This, too, makes sense.

But, the Great Randi was so systematically convincing, to me, that I felt responsible to provide a counterpoint. John Bockris does so over more than 500 pages.


The Dow Jones Industrials edged up 25 to 11,117, while, save for Shanghai, world markets all increased. Gold gained $7/toz to $1142, while crude oil is now at $84/barrel.


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