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Monday, July 28, 2014


I went to see two new movies yesterday:
  • Lucy. with Scarlet Johansson, earned $44 million this weekend as the #1 grossing film.  Someone forgot to tell the reviewers and audience, for Rotten Tomatoes  gave this film 59% and 52% ratings, respectively.
  • And So It Goes, with Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas, took in a measly $4.5 million and came in at #8.  This should be a disaster of a film, for Rotten Tomatoes gave it 15% and 45% ratings.
The former was intense, bloody, brutal, well-crafted and entertaining.  The latter, a fluffy comedy that I actually enjoyed more than Lucy.  When I eat, I combine hot and cold, sweet and sour...contrasts.  This double-bill featured totally opposite productions.  Just my type of staging.

Lucy (so named because Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was playing on the radio when she was found), one of our earliest ancestors 3.2 million years ago, is to the left.  Lucy, from the movie, could well be our final female, and I can't say why, or I would be giving away too much.  For the record, Ardi (right, from her scientific name, Aridipithecus ramidus), 4.4 million years ago, is the current oldest female.  All these early hominids seem to be women.

Lucy kind of reminded me of a 1968 film, Charly, where Cliff Robertson won an Oscar.  This would be a fine twin-bill I'll need to add to my list.  I'm putting together film combinations to someday watch, perhaps as a 15 Craigside regular feature.  A typical example would be Casablanca, followed by Play It Again, Sam (where Diane Keaton played the equivalent of Ingrid Bergman, with Woody Allen, coached by Bogie).

Not much more worth saying about And So It Goes, except that Diane Keaton again croons.  Watch her singing for a nightclub owner, played by that Frankie Valli.  For nostalgia, click on Seems Like Old Times, from her 1977 Oscar performance in Annie Hall (Woody Allen got an Oscar nomination for his acting).  She most definitely is 37 years older.

Michael Douglas, who will be 70 (Keaton is two years younger) in September looks good for someone who was diagnosed with stage IV (the worst there is) tongue cancer four years ago and lost 32 pounds  He was very descriptive on  how he thinks he contracted this ailment.  He also owns an Oscar for his 1987 role as Gordon Gecko.


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