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Sunday, July 13, 2014


Futbol or soccer remains too, too boring for me, but I was in the vicinity of hearing what was happening when Germany beat Argentina 1-0 today in overtime.  I was wearing my Messi shirt:

I took a selfie of the front:

I noticed this uniform is now only $23 (original cost $79):

I got mine free when the Qatar Foundation brought me to their country to advise them on energy.

Don't see it anywhere visible, unless you know the insignia, but FC (Futbol Club) Barcelona, a team led by Lionel Messi (on the right, holding the Golden Ball for being the most valuable World Cup player this year) of Argentina, sports this jersey.  Barcelona might well be #1 in the world and is worth $3.2 billion, third to #1 Real Madrid and #2 Manchester United.  #4?   The New York Yankees.

Most in the USA think that the Superbowl is #1 in TV viewership.  Nope:

Most disappointing performance?  By a landslide, Brazil:  losing 7-1 to Germany (the equivalent NFL home playoff loss would be a 40-point embarrassment) and 3-0 to The Netherlands.  The world media were careful, but there were riots and looting after that destruction by Germany:

Mass robberies occurred at Copacabana Beach.  However, Brazil is the only team with five World Cups.  Germany now has four.  Each of the 23 German team members will get $408,000.


The number of nations in four years could go up to 40.  Then, Qatar:

Oh, don't forget that the next Summer Olympics in 2016 will be:


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