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Saturday, July 5, 2014


I have pet gripes against some government spending.  Here above are jets the military now flies.   The lifetime cost just of the F-35 is expected to top a TRILLION DOLLARS!!!  In comparison:
  • The Apollo Project cost $20 billion over its lifetime, worth, perhaps, $100 billion today:
    • A trillion dollars would buy TEN Apollo Projects.
    • Just the current cost overrun of the F-35 is $167 billion, and the first operational plane will not fly until 2015 if all went well...and flights are currently suspended because one of them last week caught fire before takeoff.
    • Mind you, there are around a hundred F-35s that are grounded, so they're all over the place trying to gain foreign purchases.
  • Then there is the Manhattan Project to build the Atomic Bomb that ended World War II with Japan.  The effort cost almost $2 billion then, or close to $25 billion today.  We could have had 40 Manhattan Projects--mind you, I don't mean we should expand our nuclear program--for the expected total cost of the F-35.
The concept a decade ago advanced by Lockheed Martin was sound:  a Joint Strike Fighter program to develop one plane to be used by the Air Force, Navy and Marines.  Unfortunately, the varying needs created a monster that could not safely fly.  This was the EIGHTH time that the F-35 has been grounded.  DITCH THE PROJECT NOW!  We have no enemies to fight in the air for the foreseeable future.
Why will this effort continue?  The military industrial complex is too powerful and a dozen nations are waiting to purchase this fighter.   The UK already has taken delivery.  Just in the state of California there are 277 companies gearing up to provide parts to build the plane.  The export potential is too attractive to abandon.  But who will be the enemy for these countries?

I might add that the trillion dollars above?  Actually, the 2,443 aircraft purchase budget for the military is expected to cost $1.4 trillion.  I kept the cost at a trillion to simplify the comparisons.

Typhoon Neoguri is expected to become a Caterogy 5 SUPER TYPHOON.  Already, sustained winds are up to 140 MPH.  The projected path of the eye takes Neoguri right over Naha, Okinawa, then directly over Kyushu beginning Tuesday night.



Maka Point said...

i enjoyed reading the blog, lots of useful and not so useful information but never the less entertaining, thanks

Maka Point said...

i enjoyed reading this blog, lots of interesting and less interesting information but none the less, entertaining


U.S. News and World Report published their Debate Club results to the question:

Are Cuts to the Defense Budget Necessary


Congressman Ron Paul won, but I came in #2. Interestingly enough, Cong. J. Randy Forbes, Chairman of the House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee, was embarrassing at #8.