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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

TRANSITIONS: Part 13D: Star Alliance Around the World

At the end of Part 13 D on Monday, I said:

I have taken up to a dozen around the world trips, the first in the 1980's, and several after I retired.  My next posting on TRANSITIONS will feature my global adventures.  Among a few other later features will be my Green Car Japan Rail Pass journeys in the spring and fall periods and my best meals from among many Michelin 3-Star and Pellegrino Top 50 restaurants.

It was almost a third of a century ago when my wife and I embarked on the celebrated Pan American 'round-the-world adventure.  The itinerary included, from Honolulu, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bombay, Dubai or Abu Dhabi (can't remember), Frankfurt, London, New York, Los Angeles (I think), and back to Honolulu. Not sure what it cost, but Wired indicated that when Pan Am began this service in 1947:

An economy-class ticket for the entire journey in either direction cost $2,300, or $4,000 for a couple. (That’s about $22,000 and $38,000, respectively in today’s moolah.)

According to, here is what the Star Alliance Program costs:

CoachBusiness First 
My experience, though, is that I've a couple of times paid more than $20,000 for first class.  If you do take the first class option, avoid United flights, and seek Lufthansa, Singapore Air and Thai Air.   However, Singapore is fussy about accepting reservations, and actually adds a surcharge here and there. Lufthansa still serves real caviar.  The Dreamliner only flies up to business class and there are few Asiana first class flights, although their service is excellent.  Here are typical cities on the itinerary, and there is a little leeway on some backtracking:

Actually, you can stop anywhere there is a blue dot, unlike Pan Am 1 and 2 (going eastward--AND, BY THE WAY, ALWAYS GO AROUND THE WORLD WEST, FOR YOUR BODY ADJUSTS BETTER AND YOU ACTUALLY ENJOY THE FLIGHT) which had a set itinerary:

The limitations include 15 maximum stops and a total of 16 flight segments.  Next, some of my around the world journeys.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke an all-time recored, rising 2017 to 16,976.

Tropical Storm Arthur, is just about now attaining  hurricane strength off the coast of northeast Florida, and will begin to affect Charleston and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina from tomorrow,  clipping portions of North Carolina on Friday:


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