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Thursday, July 31, 2014


There was a photo today of a 1.5 pound calico-colored lobster from New Hampshire, which can now be seen at the Explore the Ocean World Oceanarium:

Said to happen only one every 30 million to 50 million lobsters, Josiah Beringer must catch a lot of them, for he said this was his fifth over 14 years.  Click on that link to view a video.  And, ah, the lady showing this lobster said that it will soon be returned to the ocean.

But an albino lobster is a one in a 100 million aberration:

Also a novelty is a one in 30 million yellow lobster:

I"ve seen blue lobsters at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority:

But that is only a one in two million oddity.  There are also blue crabs:

There is also a confirmed Pink Hairy Squat Lobster:

Which looks kind of purple, and the site from where I found this purple Maine lobster is suspect, but:

I also don't think there are any green Maine lobsters, but here is a shot of one which might have been photo-shopped:

On the other hand, there is an Easter Green Rock Lobster:

Of course, all of these colors turn red after, gasp, boiling:

For those who take the anti-oxidant Astaxanthin, the reason why all cooked lobsters turn red is that this carotenoid, which is found in the outer shell, is stable to heat, while all the other pigments are not.  I'll not get into what color you might thus become if you find yourself in a pot:

Incidentally, for nostalgia buffs, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) today will show the two versions of To Be or Not to Be.  However, you need to be in Hawaii to see the 1983 film with Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks (Rotten Tomatoes =  63% and 77%)  at 8:15PM, followed by the classic Jack Benny and Carole Lombard 1942 original (Rotten Tomatoes = 97% and 94%) at 10:15PM.  On the East Coast, recording should begin at 2:15AM tonight.

Tropical Storm Halong at 60 MPH will soon attain typhoon strength and head toward a point slightly north of Naha, Okinawa, then on to Kyushu, Japan:


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