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Monday, July 7, 2014


Yes, the median price of a single family residence on Oahu rose to a record $700,000 last month.  That previous high, surprisingly enough, was set SEVEN YEARS AGO.  Condos also attained an all-time high of $360,000.  All projections show this increase continuing for the rest of the year, and longer.  So now is the time to buy!

I just so happen to have a penthouse (left) that will go back on sale very soon.  Here is how the make-over is shaping up with the shower trees flowering outside--living room, bedroom and kitchen:


Even some yellow flowers at the base of the building:

Craigside has two towers.  In the other one is a home being sold by Audrey Hutton for what I thought was $6.5 million.  

However, here is an ad for that same penthouse at $9.8 million.  Maybe she raised her prices.  HMMM...  In any case, that apartment is, indeed, fabulous.  But, can you afford nearly $10 million.  My apartment will be placed on sale for less than a million.  On the other hand...

Yesterday, after SNOWPIERCER, I thought I'd have dinner on my 15 Craigside lanai.  So I shopped for the usual foie gras, caviar, truffle pate and Castello Blue Cheese, with a salad and croissant:

Hint:  that caviar above from Whole Foods is three times the cost of salmon roe from Marukai, and, maybe more important, you don't need special tools to get at that Japan ikura.  The wine was a Stanford Chardonnay:

Alas, my view, while okay, and I can still see the Pacific Ocean, is now not as incredible as my penthouse view:

E-mail me at if interested in an advanced showing of Craigside, Penthouse A2.


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