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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TRANSITIONS: Part 1--Overview and Early Youth

While on My Ultimate Fantasy Adventure last month I mused on Who Am I?  My colorized family mon to the left ideally symbolizes my life,  which has gotten better and better as I age.  I noted, though, that much of what I have become was materially influenced by transitions, and #14 is just now happening to me.  

My major transitions:

#1     Being born:  don't remember any of this, but my mother indicated to me that when I was 15 months old, she held me in her arms and pointed to the smoke emanating from Pearl Harbor the morning of 7 December 1941:

My potential for later success and personality were definitely influenced during those formative years, particularly World War II, and the fortunate fact that I was the only child in my family of aunts and uncles.  I was well loved.  Born in Queen's Hospital (right), I lived most of my youth in Kakaako, where the nearby population was mostly Japanese, sort of like at my final home at 15 Craigside.

Continuing tomorrow and rest of the month:

#2     Entering kindergarten:  traumatic.

#3     Entering intermediate school:   diffficult.

#4     Entering high school:  not much better in my sophomore year.

#5     Moving from Kakaako to Kalihi:  changed my whole life.

#6     On to Stanford:  maybe the best decision I ever made.

#7     Return to Hawaii--Naalehu, the Southernmost Community in the USA:  a tough life.

#8     On to LSU:  I don't have to again take an exam!

#9     Back home to the University of Hawaii:  can life get any better?

#10   Summers at Lawrence Livermore and Ames Research Center:  enlightening.

#11   On to the U.S. Senate:  a challenge and opportunity.

#12   Back to the University of Hawaii:  my productive years.

#13   Early retirement:  my most enjoyable years.

#14   Move to 15 Craigside:  Just  happened.

#15  Is there an afterlife?  Well, I have a few views on this subject, and just about all not so good.

About my present transition, just flew into San Francisco.  Had maybe one minute of sleep.  I took a photo of San Francisco Bay as we were leaving the airport.

Kenji's Golf Safari to Napa Valley has begun, although we are staying in Vacaville.  This is not much of a wine-tasting group, so I suspect our wines (and scotch, gin, beer, etc.) will mostly come from Walmart, and we will be very content to golf, come back to take a shower and do all of our imbibition in the Hampton Inn and Suites, advertised as a hotel in Napa Valley.  Of course, the region borders our hotel, but the town of Napa is a 26 mile drive from Vacaville.

Arriving at the Hampton Inn, we asked Cassandra what was the best place to procure liquid refreshments.  She recommended BevMo!

This is a chain liquor outlet that has been operating for 20 years, now with 148 establishments.  Originally, BevMo! was Beverages and More!  Each store offers 3000 wines, 1500 spirits and 1200 types of beers.  They also sell cigars and cheeses.  We thus bought a few items to enhance our efforts.

Tonight we went to our favorite local restaurant, Umi Sushi, a five minute walk away.  To our great pleasure, beer and sake were still two for one:

Kenji and I "shared" two large bottles of Kirin beer and two medium sakes, which were so expensive that they kind of refused to heat my bottle.  Apparently, good sake is now only supposed to be drunk chilled.  Lefty looked like he was part of this bibulous extravagance, but he was only having some tea.  The golf gang:

Note the Hokusai in the background.  Kenji's chirashi, Leroy's teriyaki and my sukiyaki:

Return for Part #2 for my Transitions, and our continuing golf adventures.

Interestingly enough, I searched, and could not find one major article announcing that the Dow Jones Industrial Average had broken its all-time record today, up 20 to 16,725.  The market is jaded.  They now expect this almost every day.  Boy, are they in for a shock.


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Leroy's teriyaki and your sukiyaki looked the most delicious. uni and raw egg...ugh!