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Friday, December 4, 2015


Natural disasters almost always draw the most visitors to this blog site.  However, to my surprise, friends tell me they especially relish the food photos.  So today I will feature 15 Craigside's outings to Wolfgang's and Alan Wong's.

But first, after I returned from my 65-day Grand Around the World Adventure, I had a sashimi and salmon lunch, with Kirin beer and a glass of hot sake on my lanai:

Then two of my Diamond Head lookout lunches, the first two shots of the bento from Hawaii's Best Kitchens, and the third from L&L:

I might add that for $10.95, HBK provided the best bento I've ever had for that price.  Barbecued chicken and teriyaki beef, yellow-fin tuna Hawaiian poke, macaroni salad and rice, plus a bottle of beer.  HBK is located next to a now up-dated Rainbow Drive-In, which just re-opened yesterday.

Wolfgang's (Wolfgang Zweiner to the right) is located on the third level of the Royal Hawaiian Arcade in Waikiki:

Can't see everyone all that well, but the 15 Craigside group:

Our leader Cookie with her meal (most had steak, which was not exactly cheap):

That gigantic gold thing is a fully loaded baked potato.

Pepper and her salmon:

Eric, with his steak and some of Pepper's salmon:

Rose and Herbert:

Audrey and Henry:

Unfortunately, for these outings, Henry always is served last.  Florence and Fred:

I suffered from food poisoning at a steakhouse in Frankfurt, so I had a $6 Canadian Bacon (the steaks were more than $50 when you add tax and tip):

I also had a baked potato with spinach and a glass of red wine.  This was the best Canadian Bacon I've ever experienced.

Then last night a different 15C group went to Alan Wong's, more recently made more famous because the Obama's have annually dined there.  This was my first time in a decade, and there now appears to be a section with a view of the Koolaus.

Like all the other 15 C diners, I ordered the six course sampler of Alan Wong's most popular dishes, but added a wine pairing, for a total price of $125. The  first course involved a  Chilled Vine-Ripened Tomato Soup with a sandwich of Kalua Pig, Foie Gras and cheese with a edible "plate" of mozzarella cheese, plus Chopped Ahi Sashimi and Avocado Salsa Stack:

The tomato soup was nothing special, but the sandwich was superb, and the slab of mozzarella outstanding.  The poke stack was okay.  While the others got the   Keahole Lobster and Shrimp Lasagna, because of my allergy, I got Chinese Steamed Opakapaka, which tasted exactly like the similar Onaga at Orchids.

My next dish was a Ginger Crusted Onaga with miso sesame vinaigrette, mushrooms and corn.

A nice change of pace.  At this point I was up to four white wines:  champagne, chenin blanc, pinot chardonnay and sauvignon blanc.  Save for Francis, who ate his Twice Cooked Short Rib, Soy Braised and Grilled "Kalbi" Style...:

...the rest of us were approaching saturation, so we took that dish home, and ended with The Coconut, which looked like a coconut, and was mostly haupia sherbet with a shell of chocolate, enhanced wit tropical fruits and lilikoi sauce:

At this point they added a Gamay Beaujolais and a slightly sparkling sweet red wine.

There was a general consensus that this was the best meal outing we've had yet.  However, that HAVE YOU EVER HAD A $300 JAPANESE MEAL IN HONOLULU posting of our gourmet society from 15 Craigside was at least as good...but for twice the cost:

I  tend to have my Friday lunch at the beach, so Bor Yann and I went to Duke's:

He had some kind of fish tacos, but I went to the buffet ($19), which I thought was terrific.  There is a station for pasta and another for sandwiches, plus a huge salad bar.


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