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Thursday, June 8, 2017


Last month I posted:

Unless something better appears, this will be my final treatment of the subject.  At the end of the above article, I said:

However, in the process of writing this article I found an even more attractive alternative: order from Amazon this $37.50 Nail Care Plus with diamond filing attachments.  I bought it, with free shipping, and will compare this new device with my current Dremel in about a month when my nails grow back.

Well, the package arrived and I tried it out.  Fabulous:
  • It is much lighter and smaller than the industrial dremel, which cost about the same price.
  • Instead of a cumbersome cord that needs to be plugged into an electrical socket, you use two AA batteries.
  • The size and shape are such that you can more conveniently maneuver the device to whittle and polish your nails.
You need to find a convenient resting stool or position to place your foot, but the operation is safer and easier than with clippers or scissors.  However, it takes a little more time.  All in all, though, if you need to cut your finger and toe nails, especially the latter, the Nail Care Plus can be highly recommended.  I will now be able to essentially give or throw away the entire contents of more than a dozen items in that box.

This past Friday my posting was on AN AMAZING CHICKEN, A SINGING RABBIT AND A DANCING TRUMP.  I mentioned that if Jokgu (the chicken) can play TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR, I too should be able to do this.  So I went to the internet and ordered a 61-key P:portable Light Keyboard Electronic Keyboard.  Well, it arrived.  Tomorrow, am I as good as a chicken?

And speaking of chicken, I might add that I found yet another tool that makes life for me a little bit easier.  It began with a whole rotisserie chicken from Costco for $5.  This bird must have weighed five pounds, so I knew I could only eat a small portion.  Most people start with the breast.  I show the photo to the left because I begin with the back, for that is where all the taste concentrates.

I boiled the rest of the meat into soup.  But note that dungeness crab.  I am allergic to crustaceans, except  only when the flesh gets old.  

In the past I had an assortment of hammer, crab pliers, needle-like utensils and the like to messily get to the edible portions.  Well, it turns out that these scissors I've had for decades are elegant and simple and  all you need to accomplish this task.  I felt compelled to end with this second recommendation because of the irony:  abandoning clippers/scissors for one use and returning to scissors for another.


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