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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Today, a few tidbits for your dinner/reception conversations.  Some of the following will soon become full postings:
  • By a two to one ratio, a latest poll shows Americans opposing President Donald Trump's Paris Global Climate Change Agreement decision.  He says he wants to strike a deal that's fair for the USA.  As much as Humanity disagrees with him, he has a point that should be discussed.
  • It was 73 years ago today that the good guys, the Allied Forces, initiated the largest seaborne invasion in history along the Normandy coast to liberate Europe:  D-Day, or Operation Neptune.  It was Field Marshall Erwin Rommel and Adolf Hitler versus General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Winston Churchill.  Both sides lost around 5,000 men, and it took more than a month for the foothold to be established.  
  • This was a key culmination beginning four years earlier, on 4 June 1940, when Prime Minister Churchill delivered his "We shall fight on the beaches" speech, hailing the Miracle of Dunkirk, when 338,226 Allied troops were rescued in 800 boats, but all their military hardware was captured by Germany.  On July 21 the UK-Netherlands-France-U.S. co-produced film Dunkirk directed by Christopher Nolan will be released.  Rotten Tomatoes audiences have already given it a 99% want to see rating.  It was in 1962, on the day I first graduated from college, that Daryl Zanuck's 3-hour long epic, The Longest Day (Rotten Tomatoes 92/90), portraying D-Day, opened with more than a dozen stars, including a few actual participants of that day.  A black and white film, the colorized version was made available on the 50th  anniversary of the invasion.  The theme song was written by Paul Anka, who appears as a private.
  • Zillow reports that the median home value in Detroit has gone up 19.2% just during the past year....all the way up to $40,400.  Mind you, it was about double that price in 2008, and before that, even $500 homes went unsold.
California dominates on the median price of four-bedroom, two-bath homes, with Honolulu #14 highest in the nation at $1.2 million:
    • #1  Saratoga:  $2.5 million
    • #2  Newport Beach:  $2.1 million
    • #3  Cupertino:  $1.8 million
          A home in Saratoga is worth 62 homes in Detroit.
  • 71% of Americans are overweight or obese.  One of my blog postings last year was entitled:  OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE LIVE LONGER THAN NORMAL PEOPLE.  So is this good or bad?  I'll look into it further, but the difference between being just overweight and morbidly obese is significant regarding life expectancy.  We have more fat people, 78 million, than any other country.  China is #2 with 46 million and India #3 with 30 million.  Thus (last column is life expectancy):
    • China     1.371 billion     5.7%  76.1
    • India       1.311 billion    3.5%   68.3 
    • USA        0.321 billion  24.3%  79.3

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