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Thursday, April 20, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 25 Kalbi and Samsung

When I come to Korea, I always have a memorable local meal.  Today I had lunch with Ki Ryun Choi, Professor of Energy Systems at Ajou University, and a stylist dresser.  It was a quarter century ago when he was Director General of the New Energy Development Center of South Korea that we signed an Agreement of Cooperation pinpointing Cheju Island as the symbol of Green Enertopia for the country.  Since then, while he, too, has retired, he is now on his first 5-year contract with his university, where he still teaches courses and is on the board of several important organizations.  Perhaps prime among them is the Korea Energy Power Company, for which he travels the world to gain international partnerships especially in the Middle East and USA.

We went to Kyung Bok Kung, located on the 6th floor of my hotel.  Non-marinated kalbi was our choice, although Wikipedia insists that the spelling is galbi:

He mentioned that he is thinking of retiring, partly because he thinks Jae-in Moon might win the presidency, and he is in the opposition party of his power base.  If Cheol-soo Ahn is victorious, no help at all politically.  He indicated that Ahn did better at the second debate last night, for everyone on the panel seemed to mostly attack Moon.  Ahn's wife is a professor at Seoul National University Medical School, while their daughter is at Stanford.  Another plus for Ahn.  The next presidential poll should be interesting.

I piqued his interest for his wife and he to join us on the 2020 world cruise.  His son is a medical doctor and his daughter has three offices for Facebook, in the USA, Seoul and Singapore.  I wondered why he uses Facebook, now I know.

You think you're having problems?  Not only was their Galaxy 7 a $10 billion disaster, but Samsung's chief Jay Y. Lee was arrested in the corruption scandal involving former President Geun-hye Park.  He is the heir apparent following his father's heart attack in 2014.  Now, Samsung's new Galaxy 8 is seeing red.  The company thinks much of this color problem can be cured through owner adjustments, but they nevertheless have offered to replace it for a newer one

But all is not terrible.  I own a Samsung TV set, and their 2017 UE49K57000 is #1.  

Their refrigerator is also rated at the top.  But it cost more than $5,000.

Where they are doing really well is in semiconductors.  Can you believe their stock value this past year has been a consistent climb?

Tomorrow, on to Munich on Lufthansa.


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