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Thursday, April 6, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 11b Is Karuizawa the Passage to the Pearly Gates?

This is not a normal blog site.  Yes, my scientific offerings are cutting edge and accurate. But I report on everything I wish, especially since my SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity expanded my reportage universe to anything, including religion, which I treat as a dalliance, hoping I'm wrong and awaiting that potential revelation bringing me to my senses.

Well, I'm on Day 11 of Pat's Global Adventure 2017, or PaGA 2017, and something happened today that was so bizarre that it made me wonder if this was only just that, or I was on my way to Heaven.  First, you need to read my blog of about a month ago, arriving at a personal conclusion that Planet Earth was, believe it or not, Purgatory.

But, more so, you need to click on Sheraton Royal Gardens in Cairo, for my previous equivalent experience compared to today occurred a long time ago, and here is a quote from that posting:

Anyway, at the hotel restaurant, where the food was good and service impeccable, there were a dozen people manning the tables, but we were the only customers. We stayed from 8PM to 10:30PM, and finally left when three more people finally showed up.  It was weird. This is as large a Trader Vic's as any of the others in the world. The person running this restaurant came from Thailand, and he said that his father was  manager of the Trader Vic's in Munich, at the hotel where the HyForum Conference, our next stop, was to be held. 

Interesting that my future itinerary includes Thailand and Munich.  Today, I was picked up by the assistant manager, Saijo-san, but let me call him St. Peter.  He was super nice and accommodating, signing me in and taking me to my room, which is fabulous.  You can't even see the bed and bath rooms, which are about the same size to the right:

The TV screen is larger than mine and in a higher form of HD.  I show this second photo because the amenities are generous (there also are five pairs of washable bedroom slippers) and this could be the last time you see me if my suspicions play out.

I went down to the Elite cocktail hour, which had a whole range of drinkables, but nothing to eat.  After half an hour, I decided to move next door to the dining room.  I thought it was odd that I was here all of nearly three hours and saw a lot of staff, but not one other guest. 

I ordered their 8000 yen chef's special, and brought with me from the cocktail hour (which actually lasts 5 hours here) at least six ounces of Yamazaki single malt on rocks.  Note that you see no one in this photo.  I will be the only diner.

The first course came:

Looked so pretty and glistening, that I had to show a close-up.  Next a tomato soup, and it tasted incredible:

A local whitefish with a local vegetable:

They were light and tasty and were enhanced with the wasabi.  They both had character.  

The main entre' was a local beef filet, served rare (although it looks charred on the outside), and the accompanying vegetables were al dente with fitting accompaniments:

There were three kinds of salt:  truffles, and I didn't understand the other two, with a red wine sauce to the left.  Finally an artistic and heavenly dessert:

A truly great meal for $75, worthy of at least a Michelin 2-Star.  I think I could have continued to go out and bring free red and white wines for my meal, but I did not want to push the system.  How many of you have had superior French cuisine with six ounces of Yamazaki single malt?  Maybe tomorrow night I'll expand my options.  

But the bizarre part to all this was that I was the only one that came down for the cocktail 5-hour and dinner.  Was I the only one staying here?  Maybe the Marriott Karuizawa, a Mormon-owned Pearly Gates, is a holding point for me to ascend to Heaven.  If you never hear from me again, send the investigators here.

Ah, but there must be some explanation to all the above, so tomorrow, on to Pearl's Gold Koi.


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