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Sunday, April 9, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 14 Ueno Park and Sendai

The breakfast at the Sendai Westin in their Symphony restaurant is excellent:

Difficult to see, but in the background to the left is a 100 meter (328 feet) tall white statue DaiKannon.

Today I caught the Hayabusa to Tokyo Station:

I take these bullet train photos because the train swooshes by me, messing up my hair.  That lady was yelling at me to step back.  Actually, I didn't make it to Tokyo Station.  It was raining in Sendai, and through the entire ride, so I decide to make an adjustment.  Instead of returning to Shinjuku Goen, where I already had a hanami, I thought it was wise to cancel my second picnic under the cherry blossoms, for it is difficult to eat while holding an umbrella.  Instead, I stopped off at Ueno Park and, in the rain, took photos of the Sakura there. It was raining quite hard, so this photo is incredibly clear considering the elements:

As I had some time now, I dropped by Akihabara and bought a new camera, a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M3.  This is their newest, wide angle, with only 3X zoom, but rated at 20.1 megapixels.  There is an electronic viewfinder and the video is supposed to be superb.  It looks just like my DSC-WX500, except the new one communicates to me in English, while the WX500 only does Japanese, something I don't understand.

On the ride back I had a tonkatsu:

I wanted to compare this with my tonkatsu I had in Nagasaki.  If the latter could be rated 8, the bento version deserved a 3.  I might add that although I missed much of the Sakura in Tokyo, I had a totally different kind of hanami, for the view of cherry blossom trees from my Shinkansen seat was incredible.  I don't think I went more than 10 seconds without viewing one or more Sakura, continuously.  Thus, instead of one tree above me, I had thousands whizzing by:

I noticed at one stop that, on this Sunday, five men were cleaning a door:

I think they were being trained, but on a Sunday?

I arrived at Sendai, and the rain had stopped.  From the station you can see the Westin Sendai:

Here are some artistic photos from that station:

The middle photo is a Parco ad, while that is me at the Sendai Westin.  When I got to my room I thought I needed some exercise, so in the cold of Sendai, I went for a walk to search for cherry blossoms.  How cold?  I could see my breath.  There were a few:

If you bother to look, there are 8 crows in this photo:

There was a small hanami crowd and the usual vendors:

On the way back to my room I picked up an Italian Subway, so also got a Chianti and beer, with some potato chips, olive oil, something I've never seen:

I ate in my room watching the Masters Golf Tournament.

A few shots of my view:

I then noticed sakura and yellow trees across from each other:

A close-up shows snow on that mountain in the background:

And, yes, that is a ferris wheel.  I'm just learning how to use my new camera, but here are the first two photos I took:

Tomorrow, back to Tokyo and a visit with former Nokodai President Tadashi Matsunaga, who will show me his new office at this new job.

Tropical Cyclone Cook, now at hurricane strength, 70 MPH, could well attain Category 5 status and strike New Caledonia:


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