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Friday, April 28, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 33 United First Class

I never got around to filing a review of my United Airlines Polaris International First Class flight from Munich to DC Dulles, so will complement the UAL First Class flight today from Reagan National Airport to San Francisco.  To repeat from an earlier posting, all U.S. airlines have abandoned international first class.  United is the final one to phase out, and they're doing this in transition by creating something called Polaris, which is like a better business class, including a new family of executive lounges.

For now, they still have Polaris International First Class, but I might be among the last to experience this.  How good was it?  Not bad, but nothing close to what Lufthansa, Singapore and Thai Air have.  A night touch was flights of wines.  I started with three white wines:

The first course was creative and adventurous:

Clearly, this must have been tuna sashimi with takuan (pickled radish).  While it tasted like that, the fish was salmon and yellowish pieces were pickled beets.  I kind of enjoyed this dish.

The porcini mushroom soup was rather thin and lukewarm:

The salad was okay:

The rack of lamb was almost good, but overdone and lacking in character.

I skipped the dessert, but tried the cheese and port wine:

Overall, not bad at all.

There were flaws:
  • The audio-visual system was way obsolete, and because the company providing the music went bankrupt, there was none.
  • The oldest stewardess on all my flights until this one was half my age.  I would swear that a chubby white-haired lady serving first class was around my age.  She was effective, and I should be complimenting her....but.
  • No Johnny Walker Blue Label.  No caviar.  
International first class, however, is considerably better than domestic first class.  Not worth showing any food, but my flight from Reagan International to SFO had some photographic moments:

There was some airport traffic congestion, so we circled the Stanford campus.  Tomorrow, I move to the Palo Alto Sheraton and might go to a Stanford baseball game against Arizona, for the hotel is virtually across the street from the Sunken Diamond.

SFO is one of those airports where you need to go one floor up to catch the hotel shuttles.  I also noticed that the Smart Cartes cost $5.

 I'm staying at the SFO Four Points Sheraton, and my meals so far in California have been fast and simple:

Tomorrow, on to Stanford University.


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