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Saturday, April 22, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 27 Munich Englischer Garten

I had a decent "German" breakfast in the Westin Grand Munich:

Note the Prosecco, which comes free, I think.  All three of my meals today were sort of Germanish.

I decided I needed some exercise, so must have walked 5 miles today, mostly getting lost in their Englischer Garden, translated as English Garten, and called so because it follows the style of Capability Brown (left), noted British landscape architect.  I would say this was more an exercise park than a garden.  The most prominent navigational point is the Monopteros on a hill:

Englischer Garten is about half a mile away from the Westin...but it was cold today.  With the wind chill, uncomfortable.  But the wind showed up only 10% of the time, so my day was confusing, but comfortable.  Actually, I was attempting to cross the park to go to Max-Emanuel Brauerei, a German restaurant.  Never got there, mostly because I saw people eating rotisserie chicken with beer in what has been called the most famous of Munich beer gardens, the Chinesischer Turm biergarten:

For around $20 I had the following;

That building is the original Chinese Pagoda, built in 1789, the year the park came together.  Englischer Garten is large, around 910 acres.  New York's Central Park is 843 acres.  The University of Hawaii Manoa campus is 320 acres.  It was a Saturday, so there were many walkers, bikers and runners.  There is no discernible separate path for the three, so most people are in jeopardy just navigating the garden.

Frankly, there is nothing much to this garden with respect to flowers at this time and other attractions in general, although there is a Japanese Tea House in a lake I never got to see.  Most of the colors came close to my hotel:

The Munich Sheraton, where I will move to tomorrow, is in close walking distance:

This could well be the only Sakura in bloom today in Munich.  My day ended in the Executive Club with a German dinner:

The beef was a roast, overcooked and tasteless...but free.  The asparagus ragout, which also passes for soup, was outstanding.  If the temperature were hotter, I would have given it a 9 rating.  The beef, compared to Japanese Wagyu, maybe a 2.  Started my day with a Prosecco (Italian champagne), and ended with it.  A very much needed restful day, albeit lengthy in terms of steps taken.


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