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Thursday, April 27, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 32 My Day in Our Nation's Capital

I played tourist in our Nation's Capital today, beginning with lunch at Charlie Palmer:

Started with a foie gras appetizer and soup, and, as I leave for California tomorrow, had an Anchor Steam Beer and a Merlot/Cabernet from Napa:

I ordered hanger steak, which has also been called butcher's steak because you can't find it in markets, for butchers take it home.  It resembles flank steak but is more flavorful and is supposedly the most tender cut available, but needs to be served medium rare.

Japanese wagyu is the best, but hanger steak is is a lot cheaper and does have that special taste.  There was so much meat and asparagus left that they packed half of both in ice, and I'll have them for dinner in room tonight, for I still  have some bread, red wine and a whole bottle of Trader Joe's beer.

I then was planning to walk to Jefferson's Memorial and wend my way around to the White House.  Note that the Washington Monument is in the middle, while the Lincoln Memorial is to the West, the U.S. Capitol to the East, the White House north and Jefferson Memorial south.

If the temperature stayed in the 60's I could have made it, but the District had it's best day of the year so far, approaching 85 F.  As I regularly walk 18 holes I should have been able to complete the full circuit, but I guess I'm out of shape and gained too much weight.  Actually, I was lucky, for the DC high tomorrow will be 90 F and 93 F on Saturday.  My previous stop, Munich?  Rain and snow today.  Anyway, I took a shortcut and only focused on the Capitol and the Washington Monument:

I walked through the U.S. Botanic Garden and the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden:

Okay...what plant is this?

Give up?  Don't look, but...

The Metro was a mess today if you wanted to catch the Red Line, for they were fixing some tracks.  But, I made it back to my hotel with some difficulty.  Unfortunately, I got more sleepy than hungry early in the evening, but forced myself to attempt to consume a rather large feast while watching the Yankees vs Red Sox:


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