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Monday, April 24, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 29 My Day in Downtown Munich

It was a beautiful day.  When I awoke:

Caught the U4-Bahn into Odeonplatz:

That was a mirror image.  Up the escalator, the typical buildings that tell you, yes, this must be Europe

A close-up of that middle lion:

And just about here, my Blue Bar Pigeon crossed the street.  With this type of store, it must be Germany:

Walked back through Hofgarten:

Took a photo of an almost black tulip:

They say you can now buy a black tulip, called Paul Sherer, developed by Geert Hageman.  However, on the online page is this tulip:

I would contend that the BLACK TULIP has not yet been developed.  The story is the same for the BLUE ROSE.  After a lot of hype, involving Australian company Florigene and Suntory, they proudly announced in 2004 a blue rose.  However, they, too, are stretching hue-ness.  Here is their blue rose:

Mauve, maybe, or lavenderish...but NOT BLUE!

A ten-minute walk brought me to Schuhbecks in den Sudtiroler Stuben, whose three restaurants share the square, or, really a rectangle, with Starbucks and Hard Rock Cafe:

Looking out, you can seeStarbucks and Orlando, a Schuhbecks bistro outside:

The decor is attractive:

This is an award-winning restaurant:

I started with beer, white wine and bread:

The first course was grilled octopus.  I thought the temperature could have been higher.  Plus, here is another chef who only prepares the flesh without drawing out the taste that makes seafood like scallops and octopus special.

Next came a terrific truffles linguini.  Nearly perfect.  However, if I return I will ask  them to top the dish with six basil leaves and a slice of onion.

The suckling pick was also excellent, with a truly crispy skin.  The restaurant is actually a fusion of German and Italian.  The only problem was that for a large establishment, for the entire lunch, there was a threesome and me.  Counting the $7 for the roundtrip U-Bahn (which was an all day pass), the total for everything came up to slightly less than $100.

The Sheraton is across the street from Rewe, a giant of a supermarket.  As I was getting tired of the free drinks and appetizers in four weeks of executive lounges, on the way back, I bought my dinner to eat in my room:

Tomorrow, back to the USA.


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