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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 31 Alexandria to Potomac

left Hawaii on March 26, so on this 26th day of April, I Metro'd from Alexandria (Virginia, not Egypt) to Potomac (the city in Maryland, not the river), which, in 2013 was identified by CNN Money as the most affluent town in the Nation, and had the largest population of any living area in the U.S. with a median income of more than $240,000.  Who lives here?  Wolf Blitzer,  Thomas Friedman, John Glenn (until he passed away), Joseph Kennedy, Ted Koppel, Sugar Ray Leonard, J.W. Marriott, Queen Noor of Jordan, Farah Pahlavi (former Queenn of Iran), Sargent Shriver, Sylvester Stallone, Mike Tyson, a whole bunch of current and former NBA stars...and Gloria and Joe Vadus.  That's their home to the left.

For a quarter century now I've joined them for a drink or two or three with fancy appetizers prepared by Gloria at their residence, followed by dinner somewhere close by.  Now that we're old, we are doing this at lunchtime, here we are with Judy and Cliff McLain.  Joe retired as Chief Ocean Technologist for NOAA, and is one of the founders of the Blue Revolution.  Cliff worked for Werner von Braun in Alabama and ARPA (now known as the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) when it was first formed.  We proposed holding a workshop on the Cascadia subduction zone a few decades ago, for he is from Oregon, and the really big one will probably not be along the San Andreas fault, but here in the ocean off the Pacific Northwest.

I should add that I show these photos because the leis were made by Charlotte Matsuda, my 15 Craigside neighbor across the hallway.  I think her purpose was for me to give them to a potential girlfriend or wife I chanced to meet on my global adventure.  As I found none, and time is running out, they got the leis, which are associated with Hokulea.  Charlotte's hula halau will dance on the ship when it returns from its around the world cruise on June 19.

By the way, Joe asked me what these name tiles were.  He found them in a Palau (which has 340 islands) cave 60 years ago when he was with the U.S. Marines.

We speculated that each piece had something to do with the Japanese soldiers who served in that cave during World War II.  The larger sizes probably denoted higher ranks.  IF ANYONE HAS THE ANSWER, PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN SO INFORM JOE.

After my two martinis, we went off to Normandie Farm, a French country restaurant:

This place is known for their popovers, and I ordered escargots plus a salad with a glass of Prosecco:

I took a couple of photos of purple flowers on the premises:

I returned to the Sheraton Suites in Alexandria via the Metro Red and Blue Lines.  I was picked up at the Reagan National Airport by the hotel van.  

Across the street (view from my room) is a supermarket:

Just another block over is a Trader Joe's:

Two-buck Chuck's now costs $3.29 here.  However, as the the hotel gave me a bottle of red wine, I just got Trader Joe's beer:

I complemented the above with some items from Harris Teeter for my dinner tonight:


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