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Monday, August 7, 2017


15 Craigside, sometimes referred by me as Purgatory, is a seniors' community with a range of activities for you to get involved, or ignore.  Last year I further posted on this potential.

No matter, but I tend to be happily independent, although I do belong to our photography club, which has exhibited at the Honolulu Museum of Art.  But that's because our mentor is Scott Kubo, who serves as their digital imaging specialist.  At one time he would have been called a photographer.

There are around a dozen of us, as shown below.  Some own elaborate Nikon systems.  Mine is a simple pocket camera.  For a couple of years my previous Sony only communicated to me in Japanese, a language beyond my capabilities.  I did buy a new one on my most recent trip, and I can now read the warnings.

We go on outings where the 15C van takes us to specific spectacular locations around the island.  Here is my photo of a mother crane with her egg at the Honolulu Zoo.

Here is our most recent photo safari, to Laie Point Wayside Park.  This was the jump-off-the-cliff location in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Our regular exhibition area is here at 15C.  I've had personal showings of my around the world trips.  If you currently go to the basement, hanging is a whole wall of photos from a few members of this digital imaging group here, the first three from the left are mine:

Seven of those immediately above were my shots.

We gather monthly on the first Sunday, where we have take out lunch provided by the dining room and talk about our activities.  To the left, our leader, Irene, with  Scott, co-chairing the discussion.  

The exchange is mostly informational and educational.  However, a lot of planning and organization goes into our exhibits.

Our theme this month was sea/land scapes. The first three  of my photos below start with a view from my lanai of a sunset, to a close-up, ending with a Seurat adaptation using Style app:

Then a photo I took of Mount Fuji onboard an ANA flight from Haneda to Kansai, followed by a Hokusai make-over:

Got to thank Wil Kubota from the club for introducing me to these artistic conversions.

Scott ended the afternoon with a presentation on Instagram.  Most of us are limited to digital forms slowly becoming obsolete, like e-mails and blogs.  Instagram, which was bought out by Facebook, is in the new e-age with twitting and texting.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, for the ninth straight session, broke its all-time high, rising 26 to 22,182.  Just this year the Dow has had 35 record finishes.

Tropical Storm Franklin in the Gulf of Mexico  is heading for the Yucatan Peninsula, but it probably won't become a real hurricane.  Typhoon Noru is now a tropical storm rolling up through Japan with a path over Nagoya and Matsumoto, two of my stops on my most recent global adventure stops, and perhaps even Sendai, where I also stayed.


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