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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I have every July 4th in the past focused on the patriotism and pomp of Independence Day.  Click on my 2016 July 4th posting, which reviewed all my previous ones.  So today, I will do something only somewhat preposterous, ranging somewhere between ludicrous to ridiculous by suggesting how our Dear North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jung-un, can suddenly become a world hero for peace.  But the explanatory path is tortuous and winding, so stick with me.

Let me start with fireworks, for Hawaii has at least 10 shows scheduled tonight.  As we are only one half of one percent the population of the country, a ratio-proportion calculation might bring the national total to, perhaps, 2000 fireworks displays nationwide.  Don't we have air pollution laws?  Worse than mere greenhouse gases, this pyrotechnic entertainment exultation spews out
  • aluminum, 
  • antimony sulfide, 
  • arsenic compounds, 
  • barium nitrate, 
  • hexachlorobenezene, 
  • lead dioxide, 
  • lead nitrate, 
  • lead chloride, 
  • lithium compounds, 
  • mercurous chloride, 
  • nitric oxide, 
  • nitrogen dioxide, 
  • ozone, 
  • perchlorate ammonium, 
  • perchlorate nitrate, 
  • strontium compounds, 
  • sulfur dioxide
  • carbon dioxide
  • particulates 
  • radioactive isotopes
  • and causes severe noise pollution
Within an hour, strontium in the air increases 120 times, magnesium 22 times, barium 12 times, potassium 11 times and copper 6 times.  The effect on lungs can be fatal and there are countless accidents to humans.  Fireworks cause more than 30,000 fires/year, with the most on July 4th.  Donald Trump hasn't blamed them yet, but China exports the overwhelming preponderance of these products.

So do we ban fireworks just for the sake of our atmosphere and lives?  Absolutely, and as a simple solution, I offer laser light displays:

Instead of just noise, we have rock concert speakers synchronically providing awesomely appropriate sounds. The whole point to this diatribe, of course, is that society makes exceptions for spurious reasons.  We picked on Iran, leading to an amorphous nuclear agreement that few think will work.  Iran just wanted to neutralize Israel which won't confirm that they have several hundred atomic and neutron bombs.  Well, maybe not, but possible.

Now to a subject at least as equally perilous.  Really, now, how fair is it for much of the world to condemn North Korea for testing missiles?  Nine countries already have more than 15,000 nuclear weapons, with the USA and Russian possessing 93% of them.  Humanity avoided a nuclear winter because of mutual assured destruction, that is, neither the U.S. nor the Soviet Union dared to make that first strike because the odds were high that they too would get destroyed. In other words, the more of them, the less chance for use.

But, you say, let us keep capability to a minimum, and now that some of us have that potential, posture everyone else to back down.  Makes sense, but is that fair?

So this is where Kim Jung-un can, with one swift move, elevate himself to noble status.  I have not been kind to him in the past.  This time I'm hoping for the best with a suggestion that can truly make him a hero for Planet Earth and Humanity.

First he says my missiles were always an attempt at going to Mars.  He argues, though, that his country would stop testing them and disarm all their nuclear bombs if ALL other nations do so too.  Elon Musk might object, but let's say unusual sanity prevails, and somehow, society does, in time, eliminate these weapons.

South Korea and Japan could well immediately express sincere support.  In time, China, too, says  that the United Nations can come to verify that their rocket program is their Mission to Mars, seeks the partnership of North Korea, and, they too choose to disarm their nuclear capability.  The UN General Assembly will pass a near unanimous resolution to do exactly what Jung-un has recommended.  The U.S. and Russia will initially not cooperate, but, when Putin moves on, and a Gorbachev-like leader emerges, while the next U.S. President is a Democrat with peaceful leanings, plus the Senate gains a Democrat majority.  This will be a once in a millennium conjunction of perfect harmony, but, Kim Jung-un is then credited with initiating World Peace, forever.

Jung-un's challenge is even better than my 10% solution to world peace I recommended to Barack Obama in my first article for The Huffington Post more than nine years ago, followed by a couple more, for if any world leader seriously proposed my pathway, there would still be 15,000 nuclear weapons hanging around.  Kim Jung-un can one-up me for the benefit of Humanity.  


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