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Monday, July 31, 2017


I saw the #1 and #3 box office films yesterday.  The Emoji Movie came in #2, and I only mention it because it got the lowest rating I've ever recently seen from Rotten Tomatoes reviewers:  8!  So I checked, and it turns out that Eloise, released in February earned a 7.  Must have missed it, but Pierce Brosnan's Urge last year was embarrassed with a 5, tying the absolute worst bestowed by Rotten Tomatoes.  However, if you click on that 5, the site says zero!  While I show the poster for #2, I would like to underscore that I did not see that film.  I might indicate, though, that I might begin to use more emojis in the future.

So back to sanity, here is a summary:

                   Box Office       Rotten Tomatoes       My Grade
                                        Reviewers  Audience

Girl's Trip        3                    88              88              B

Dunkirk           1                    93              83              B-

Girls Trip was well produced with good (and dirty, for it is R-rated, showing the most graphic exhibition of women peeing I've ever seen) writing.  They could have used LSD, but absinthe, I should let you know, is not hallucinogenic.  I once lived in Louisiana, so enjoyed being in New Orleans again.  I could not identify with the music.  Yet, I did give this flick a B grade, for it was surprisingly entertaining.

Jada Pinkett Smith (top right--wife of Will and mother of Jaden) was nicely human and Tiffany Haddish (top left) will get mentions for her performance.  The ending was as Hollywoodish as you can get.
Three years ago, one of my poker buddies remarked that Birdman (Rotten Tomatoes reviewers' rating of 91) was a terrible film.  I went to see it and tended to agree with him.  It won four Oscars, including for Best Picture.  Last week he said Dunkirk was a junk movie.  I went to see it, and sort of agreed again.  Is Dunkirk headed for Oscar-land?

There is no dominant character, moments of boredom, but mostly high intensity with a severe accompanying musical score.  Only a microcosm of what occurred was depicted so you did not get a sense of anything awesome happening.  Of the more than 800 water craft involved in the rescue,  we only got a close look at one.

On June 6 I posted on D-Day, 6June1944:

This was a key culmination beginning four years earlier, on 4 June 1940, when Prime Minister Churchill delivered his "We shall fight on the beaches" speech, hailing the Miracle of Dunkirk, when 338,226 Allied troops were rescued in 800 boats, but all their military hardware was captured by Germany.

You get a sense of how important this rescue was when you learn that "only" 156,000 allied troops invaded Normandy on D-Day, turning the tide of the war.  However, almost a million troops eventually made it over the landing beaches of Normandy by July 2, less than a month later.   If the rescue at Dunkirk did not succeed, maybe Hitler could well have been victorious.  And where would the world be today?  What would you be doing?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke its all time high, up 61 to 21891.  Corporate earnings look good.
Typhoon Noru keeps getting more threatening, as he is now at 120 MPH and seems headed for south Kyushu:


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