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Friday, July 14, 2017


This blog site now and then covers sports, but I've noticed that my readership is not particularly attuned to this subject.  If you had to pick a deadest week of TV sports, this past was close to being the worst.  No college games, nothing important in professional sports and some lackluster golf.  World Cup?  Next summer in Russia.  Olympics?  2020 in Tokyo.

Nevertheless, Major League Baseball returns to play today and the first National Football League exhibition game is less than three weeks away:
  • Dallas versus Arizona in Canton for the Hall of Fame game.
  • This year the Chargers are not from San Diego, but Los Angeles.  
  • Dallas QB Tony Romo makes his debut, as a CBS announcer.
Returning to baseball, Aaron Judge, New York Yankees outfielder, decimated his opposition in the Home Run Derby

Judge tormented the University of Hawaii when he played for Fresno State, and now at 6'7" and 280 pounds, already has passed Joe DiMaggio for Yankee rookie home runs with 30, and still has almost half the season to add to that record.  He also won the college home run derby four years ago.  The American League beat the National League in a pretty good 2-1 extra inning game, their fifth in a row.

I have six ESPN fantasy baseball teams, with four in first place, one in second and one fifth.  I will need to re-analyze why the two teams that I thought would do best are doing the worst.  I have Judge on my 5th place team.  My planning philosophy was to minimize starting pitchers and overload with relief pitchers.  For some reason, most of the best stoppers are having terrible earned run average and WHIP statistics this year.  Usually I watch a bunch of baseball games during the summer, but this time I have not bothered with even one whole game.  I do spend half an hour making daily adjustments to my teams.

I had a tough decision to make yesterday.  But first, I had to go to Costco to fix my dark glasses, which fell apart on the golf course on Wednesday.  After some wait, they could not fix it, so placed the lens unto a brand new frame and charged me nothing.

The decision had to do with lunch.  Do I have a Polish Dog with 20 ounce drink for $1.50, or do I go to Vintage Cave Cafe for Italian?  I began by standing in line for the dog, but gave up for the length.  I drove to the Ala Moana Shopping Center instead, as I wanted to work out a reservation for next month in the Ruby Room of Vintage Cave, and was acquainted with Deputy General Manager Grant.

So I ended up paying $60 for the following:

Nice combination of Caesar Salad, French Onion soup and Truffles Pizza, with a Prosecco.  And I did talk to Grant about the August reservation.

Let me alert you to a happening this coming Monday.  Pikotaro will adapt his viral hit for the United Nations.  Here to the left with Japan Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida.  Incidentally, Wiz Khalifa with Charlie Puth's See You Again from the Furious 7 soundtrack is now approaching 3 billion views, and has deposited Psy's Gangnam Style into second place.

For the 25th time this year, White House chaos and Congressional paralyzation vivified the Dow Jones Industrial Average to break its all-time high, now up to 21,638.

Fernanda is now a hurricane, looks like she will become fearsome, perhaps reaching Category 4 strength, head for Hawaii...and, as now projected, should weaken before getting here:


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