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Thursday, July 27, 2017


I was recently contacted by Mensa Hawaii seeking a speaker for their October gathering.  While I have carefully avoided getting too involved in my retirement, I sort of look forward to now and then making a few presentations, especially to 5th graders and women's clubs, for they come up with the most challenging questions and innovative comments.  Plus I go to at least an annual renewable energy conference to keep in touch with this subject, where I usually talk on something like the Blue Revolution.

Mensa is different, for they represent the top 2% of intellects.  There are 134,000 members in a hundred countries.  To become a member, you need to score 132 or higher on the equivalent to the Stanford-Binet IQ test.  This intelligence scale was first developed in France by Alfred Binet in 1908 and revised by Lewis Terman at Stanford University in 1916.

My initial reaction was to focus on the Blue Revolution, but the person I talked to from MENSA suggested also adding hydrogen, so I agreed, especially since I had a whole hour to pontificate.  When I woke up in the morning, it occurred to me that this might be my final opportunity to personally inspire a group of talented people to bring some of my dreams to reality, so I sent her the following message (I later added the graphics for this posting):


Dear XXXX:

Thanks for the call last night.  When I woke up  this morning, it occurred to me that this could well be my final grand opportunity to personally address a group of really smart and enterprising individuals.  Why limit the talk to only the Blue Revolution and the Hydrogen Economy.

I would like to inspire the audience to carry on what could be their legacy for Planet Earth and Humanity, and possibly become rich or famous and maybe both.  It seems that the timing is optimal to share my "top ten"--not sure how many there will be--ideas for anyone to embrace, taking full credit for their success with my blessing.  However, as I am probably the world authority on most of them, I would be glad to, for free, provide any advice to maximize their chances.

Thus, I will attempt to crystallize the essence of concepts I've advanced over a lifetime on topics such as:

Not sure I would want to cover all of the above, but, as there is almost an hour to provide inspiration, my talk would weave my life into these topics, for all of them are directly connected to various roles I played in academia, politics and industry.  But I've reached the end of my trail, and every one of the above continues to show promise for further research, application and profit.

As such, what should be the title of my presentation?  How to Become Rich or Famous and Maybe Both?  My Life Developing Simple Solutions for Planet Earth and Humanity?  Something shorter, surely.  Perhaps you might have some thoughts.


Noting the theme of this conference, maybe:  How to become rich and/or famous in Paradise.
What an opportunity, for surely, there will be bright people in the audience who might want to commercialize Rainbow Pearls International or personally know a billionaire seeking a legacy.  I've long been searching for a co-author on a couple of novels that have been gestating for a quarter century.  I feel like I'm in the final stage of a lengthy marathon carrying a dozen batons to pass on before I reach my finish line of life.

Last night my MENSA link called me again, and asked if I would consider making four presentations.  I was initially puzzled, and wondered if they wanted four different talks.  No, they wanted me to repeat the same one four times.  So I thought, maybe one in the morning of Day One, which will be Sunday, October 8, and the second in the early afternoon of October 9, might actually maximize my goal of Saving Planet Earth and Humanity.  Not sure who can sneak into this regional gathering but both performances will be given at the Ala Moana Hotel:

"Prodigies in Paradise"

Mensa Hawaii Regional Gathering 2017

The Dow Jones Industrial Average again shattered its all time record, up 86 to 21,796.  Not sure why.

The three serious ocean storms are Hilary, still a hurricane, but projected to soon weaken before impacting Hawaii:

Typhoon Noru remains headed towards Iwo Jima, but the latest info suggests that he will pass sufficiently west of that island:

Tropical Storm Nesat will become a typhoon and make landfall over Taiwan close to Taitung:



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Oh, I should add that this offer of all my ideas for free is not only for MENSA members. Anyone reading this posting should free free to communicate with me. I hope to release all of these wonderful opportunities over the next few months.