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Sunday, July 9, 2017


At 15 Craigside I have three immediate neighbors.  We share the same space where our four doors meet.  It all started on Christmas Eve, when Deanna and John asked Tom and me to join them for Christmas at Koolau, an annual show of the First Presbyterian Church, which owns the Koolau Golf Course, where I once had a membership.  I might add that I yesterday took this photo to the left of 15 Craigside, framed by a red flame tree.

I join Deanna and John at their Tuesday night table.  Tom is a good neighbor to have because his brother owns a bakery and we get regular offerings of exotic desserts.  I gave John my old golf set, he is soon to take lessons from Casey Nakama, and I'll join him at the practice range when he feels comfortable.

So, anyway, we all very much enjoyed the Christmas program with Pastor Dan Chun (to the extreme left--some remember him a long time ago as a TV news reporter for KGMB):

We decided to then move on to dinner at Noboru's in Kailua:

I picked up the check, so, later, Tom insisted that the four of us go out to dinner and, as John did the driving, and would continue to do so, he would pay for the meal.  He selected Chengdu Taste, a restaurant new to me.  Unfortunately, the night we were supposed to go, he found out that it was closed, so we instead went to Miyako in the Kaimana Beach Hotel:

The sunset was fabulous.  Then, John paid for the meal, and we agreed that Tom would someday soon arrange for a Chengdu Taste dinner.  After several cancelations, we went there last night:

There was no sign outside, which is unusual for a restaurant.  Reservations are not taken, and we were lucky to get a good table.  We ordered five dishes--fish and sour cabbage soup, lettuce, potato/green papaya, mapo tofu and pork hock:

This was Sichuan (Szechwan, Szechuan) cuisine at its best.  Chengdu is the capital of  Sichuan Province, and has a population of around 14.5 million.

Everyone enjoyed every dish, except I have not yet quite gotten used to the fish and sour cabbage soup.  Initially I didn't like hot and sour Chinese soup, but came around in time.  On the way out there was a waiting line of around a dozen.

Chengdu Taste comes to Honolulu through the Los Angeles area.  Read this article which is entitled:

There are now at least eight of these restaurants, now also including Houston, Las Vegas and Pawtucket (Rhode Island).  Oh, an important note:  they serve no alcohol, you can bring your own, but the closest liquor store to the establishment on Sheridan/Rycroft in Honolulu is Walmart, which is just too much of hassle to undertake at the last moment.

Now that we all paid for a dinner, we next will try La Mer in the Halekulani Hotel on Tuesday, invite our fourth neighbor, Charlotte/Alfred, and go Dutch.  At that dinner we will discuss our next stage of dining:  Vintage Cave.


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