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Sunday, July 23, 2017


I have been fantasizing about a world cruise since my posting a year and a half ago of my plans.  The details have evolved into, now, a 2020 global cruise beginning in January of that year.  Mind you, the true reality remains fanciful, for this is just another of my assorted illusions, like the Blue Revolution and Rainbow Pearls International, I continue to nurture, hoping for miracles to occur.

First, a minor deviation, for Friday night I had dinner with long-time friends Joyce and David Patrick.  I was the third Patrick.  They recently moved into Tower 2 of Craigside (left, with Punchbowl in the background).  I lived in Tower 1 for 32 years.    I just took this photo while sitting at my computer creating this posting.  It is only appropriate to mention that three years ago I was elevated to Purgatory, otherwise known as 15 Craigside.  They are getting closer to this higher level of future non-existence.  Hey, this is Sunday.

We went to HABR Bistro, located on the fringe of Honolulu Chinatown.   Chaine des Rotisseurs dined here 3.5 years ago, where I indicated that HASR was the acronym for Highly Allocated Spoiled Rotten.

Located on their premise is a wine shop, where you can purchase your bottle and avoid the corkage charge.  What is surprising is that the parking cost about as much as the French Sauvignon Blanc we got.

I ordered an escargot with Caesar salad:

My meal was truly excellent.  Joyce had prepared a delicious assortment of seafood and cheese and stuff which I had with glasses of Cabernet and Pinot Grigio at their apartment, so I was already partially satiated.  Here are the other two Patricks:

During our dinner discussion, we talked a lot about cruises, for they have been on something like 80, yes, eighty, of them.  Their next major one, this Fall, will be on Regent from Rome to Dubai, and, who knows, maybe I'll join them.  (I later checked.  Cost?  $10,299/person double occupancy.  The six cheapest categories are either sold out or on waiting list.   Then there is that not-insignificant singles supplement.)  Anyway, they said there will be a Regent 2020 World Cruise.  

This Regent Seven Seas Mariner around the world cruise features FREE:
  • Roundtrip first class air
  • unlimited shore excursions, and there will be 330 of them
  • all the wine and premium spirits you want to drink
  • entrance to specialty restaurants
  • unlimited wifi
  • no gratuities
Beginning 24January2020 from San Francisco for 131 nights.  Stay in one of their 350 expansive suites, all with a private balcony, and be serviced by 445 crew members eager to exceed your expectations.  Their words.  Each cabin will have a king-size bed and spacious walk-in closet.  If you prefer, you can depart 6January2020 from Miami.

Oh, the cost:  a low of $64,999/person, two minimum.  Wouldn't it be terrific if there is some fabulous female reading this who can afford to join me, and perhaps even subsidize part of my fare?

Dreaming on, there are two Master Suites available for $175,000/person, double occupancy (which means you pay $350,000/couple), where you get 2000 square feet instead of the bourgeois 300 square feet set aside for peons, like me.  However, you need to read this Cruise Critic critique of Regent Master Suites if you are somehow serious about this option. Also, the Mariner is 16 years old.

A week ago, Hurricane Fernanda was supposed to be over Honolulu today, but as that photo at the top shows, the weather is nice and sunny, for the storm dissipated and moved north.  However, there are seven ocean disturbances in the Pacific:

Hilary to the extreme right shows some dangerous potential for Hawaii:

However, most models see Hilary weakening by the end of this coming week.  Typhoon Noru, located far east of Japan, now at 100 MPH, will attain Category 3 strength, but, curiously, not head west for Japan, but, as currently projected, will make a complete circle and return back to where it started:


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