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Monday, July 17, 2017


There is something exciting and educational about travel.  Maybe going around the world a dozen times was too much, but staying home is definitely less stressful, still satisfyingly enjoyable and a lot cheaper, especially when one lives in Purgatory, as I do.  

Physically, I'm about as good as I'll ever get.  My eyesight is 20-20 after cataract surgery last year.    I can see the ball rolling on the green from 200 yards.

Five years ago I thought my hearing was fading so I paid $5000 for hearing aids at Costco.  Wore them for two weeks and gave up for the physical discomfort.  More recently, I took a hearing test and my hearing, it turns out, is now okay.

Since I moved into 15 Craigside three years ago, my only real ailment was a two-day flu.  Yup, caught the dreaded flu, and shook it in two days.  I'm giving credit to Advil, but click on that link for the details.

Oh, did I tell you that dinner here at 15 C is usually a party?  Lot of activities here, with an option to remain independent.

My weekend began with a Friday walk of 18 holes at the Ala Wai Golf Course.  My ordeal, if I do this at least twice/week, means I can just about eat and drink whatever I want, especially as I have only an apple on the course.  

On the way home I went to J-Shop to purchase  some Japanese wagyu beef and sashimi, then to Foodland for three kinds of mushrooms, so I could treat my body to a feast for the ordeal I put it through:

Note my thriving lanai plants:

Yes, I'm trying to grow papaya.

For lunch on Saturday, I caught The Bus into downtown Honolulu and went to Little Village Noodle House, Honolulu magazine's Gold medalist (#1) for Best Chinese Restaurant.  You need to bring your own booze, and I again had their French fries and grilled chicken wings.  The total cost you see below is about $12, and I drank the whole bottle:

I almost went for the bitter melon/beef/black beans, but that alone cost $12.95.  This is where they serve the best fries/grilled chicken wings combo in the world.  I asked what kind of Chinese restaurant this was, and my waiter said Cantonese, but also the best of China.  I wondered because a lot of items resembled the dishes from Chengdu Taste, a Sichuan restaurant.  He also said he thinks they are the only Chinese restaurant in Hawaii that serves French fries.

On Saturday night I enhanced some 15C nishime with the leftover mushrooms and Japanese wagyu beef fat from Friday night, plus onions, fried in butter, and had this dish with fried chicken and sushi from Marukame:

Saturday night is usually poker night for me:

On the Sabbath, my posting treated the subject of why religion might well be good for the USA (just scroll down to the next article), then I went to two movies (reviews of Big Sick and the ninth Planet of the Apes coming up later this week), and dinner was with my Sunday night table, where we had misoyaki salmon, plus some Korean shoju and Japanese sake.  I guess with seven people you never run out of what to talk about, but no doubt the social interaction here at 15 Craigside contributes to the title above.  That's our photography club to the left.

Behind me from where I'm composing this posting are two orchid plants with Pearl, the flower on the left began blooming when I returned from my Global Adventure early in May (which like the cattleya, for the first time re-bloomed, and has maintained this look now for more than two months), and the right one came from Pearl's sister, Doris.  What is that weird display on the right?  I have a Style app that adjusts a photo to the style of the artist.  This is how Hokusai might have painted the below photo:

Happiness is more a state of mind than anything else, but so are Purgatory and Heaven.  Wonderful reflects your feelings at those levels of abstraction.

Hurricane Fernanda, now at 125 MPH, is already weakening, but will bring some wind and a lot rain to Hawaii from Sunday:


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