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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

CIRCLE PACIFIC ADVENTURE 2016: Day #3--The 2018 World Cruise has been postponed

Located about 14 miles from Tokyo Station is Kichijoji Station.  I was here only a couple of months ago for the 35th anniversary of Tadashi Matsunaga, current president of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.  I went back last night for dinner.  According to popularity polls, Kichijoji is the #1 place people of Japan wish they could live.  

Apparently, some schedule conflicts are occurring, and the 2018 World Cruise will need to be postponed.  He had discussed this with one of the potential shipmate candidates, Azumi.  I had mixed emotions:  disappointment, but elation, for I'm not sure I actually wanted this experience.  For one, just being away from 15 Craigside for four months means I would automatically forfeit $16,000 before incurring any trip expenses.  Secondly, I'm not all that dedicated to cruises.  However, we are proceeding with the general concept, and my search for the ideal companion will continue.   A current possible ship line favorite is Cunard.

Dinner was again at Kuroneko, or Black Cat:

Immediately above is owner and chef, Yuichi.  According to Tadashi, the ingredients are only the very best:

Note the O-Toro, the highest form of sashimi.

I was just here in this restaurant this past April, and here was Yoko then with some wagyu beef:

Dinner ended with a musubi and desert:

The problem with being president of a university is that you get informed of anything that happens on your campus.  Turns out that no faculty nor student was involved, but there was a serious accident on his campus, important enough that it made the night TV news, so he had to cut short his evening with me.

I did go on to Azumi's to further discuss a possible next step for the World Cruise.  Here, Kaori and Azumi:

We discussed proceeding to "Stage 2" of the World Cruise.  Plans are developing for a Norwegian Cruise through the islands of Hawaii next Spring, also including Tadashi and his wife.  Lot of uncertainties remain, and we haven't yet agreed to any cabin details, so I might need to pay extra for "my" room.  Return for more details.

Tomorrow, more on Tokyo, Osaka and the Japan Rail Pass.



jodi said...

So, the chef's name is Yuichi as in Ajiyoshi Yuichi in Mister Ajikko..? :p

I'd love some of his katsudon then..😋


Nope, the chef is Yuichi Oikawa.