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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

CIRCLE PACIFIC ADVENTURE 2016: Day #20--Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

As it was across the street I went to the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium.  If the entrance fee were A$10, okay, but the charge was A$40.  As the exchange rate is 76 cents to the Australian dollar, you would thing the conversion would be U.S.$30 or so.  However, when they subtract fees and whatever else, you only get about a rate of 0.9.  Thus you can almost equate one with the other.

Here is some of the sea life:

I've never seen blue starfish before.

The stars of the show are two dugongs. which are mostly only left in Australia, although the Red Sea has 5,000, but dying off.  There are two supposedly two here:

Each eats 250 pounds of lettuce daily.

While totally different species, the manatee is only found in the Atlantic, and the dugong in the Pacific.  At one time there was the sea cow, a cousin of the two, but much larger--up to 30 feet long. Found in the North Pacific in the mid-1700's, it was hunted to extinction in 27 years.

Tomorrow I'll catch the Dreamliner to San Francisco.

There is a strong hurricane in Atlantic, Gaston at 120 MPH.  However, he is moving away from the USA:

In the West Pacific Typhoon Lionrock is at 95 MPH, will weaken into a tropical storm, and make landfall near Sendai:

However, two hurricanes, Madeline and Lester, are heading for Hawaii, and both will be in the vicinity of the islands when I return from San Francisco on Friday:


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