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Sunday, August 7, 2016


I saw three films this past week:

                                                  Rotten Tomatoes     Weekend Rating
                                               Reviewers  Audience    July 29-31

  Jason Bourne                            57%          64%               1

  Cafe Society                              70%           69%             12

  Hunt for the Wilderpeople        99%           92%             21

What is a moviegoer like me to do these days.  I mostly refuse to go to animated, Marvel Comics, kung fu, vampire, zombie and perpetual sequels (like Star Trek).  Rotten Tomatoes gave Hunt for the Wilderpeople fantastic scores.  I found the film trying.  No wonder almost no one went to this offering, but how did they know it was going to be boring?  I must been the only one to check Rotten Tomatoes.  Sam Neill in a New Zealand film.  He grew up there.  Remember, he starred in Jurassic Park I and III.  My hearing is not all that terrific, so I have difficulty fully comprehending British, Australian and New Zealand productions.  Downton Abbey was a disaster for me.  Yes, there is closed caption, but that distracts.

Cafe Society is Woody Allen again for the 46th time.  Yes, he's made 46 films, and he is 80 years old.  I still remember his initial directorial effort, What's Up, Tiger Lily.  Loved it.  That was half a century ago!  He does not appear on the screen of his latest, but he wrote, directed and did the voiceover.  

Jesse Eisenberg plays the Woody role, and did well.  The background music was typical Woody.  I kind of enjoyed the whole thing, but was it worth the cost?  Probably, because I might not have paid for it.
Jason Bourne was first created by Robert Ludlum (left) in 1980.  But Bourne has not aged 36 years.  His real fictional name is David Webb, and this was at first confusing if you did not know that.  I had long forgotten that Bourne had a Thai wife and two children, and he thought all three were killed in the Vietnam War (one survived), driving him into a dark world.  Ludlum passed away in 2001,  giving Eric van Lustbader an opportunity to write nine more Bourne novels.  

The first film, The Bourne Identity (you can watch all ten parts, each around 18 minutes), based on book 1, was made for TV in 1988, starring Richard Chamberlain.  There were two 2-hour nights on ABC.

This TV version was then made into a real movie in 2002 with the same title, but with Matt Damon as Bourne.  He has starred in all five.  What can I say about this iteration?  Well, Damon is getting chubbier.  The previous flick was in 2009.  This is beginning to resemble Star Trek, with, most probably, #6 to someday appear, maybe with Bourne more grandfatherly.  Remember, his son survived.  Anyway, #5 is typical:  in hiding, car chases, reputation restored, yet, you never know for sure about any coming in from the cold.

READER ALERT:  Tomorrow I'm off on my 2016 Circle Pacific Adventure.  First stop, Tokyo.  Ostensibly, this is a mere stop on my way to the Hawaii-Cal football game in Sydney, Australia.  But why is it taking me nearly three weeks to get there?

In the past I worried a bit about some burglar noting my extended trips, for security at Craigside had flaws.  However, 15 Craigside is another thing.  There are cameras everywhere, and sneaking into my apartment will take extraordinary skill.  Then if you can somehow get in, there will be nothing worthwhile to steal anyway.


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