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Sunday, August 14, 2016


I've now been in Japan for a week, and noted that something was different this time.  On train rides throughout the country, even with all the concrete and technology, the color green dominates.  

After my cataract surgery, the whites looked really white, and the blacks deeply black.  What happened was that the yellowish filter over my eye was removed, and, in addition to 20-20 vision now, colors look a lot more vivid.

Also, too, I once had to wear glasses to drive and just walk around, usually with photochromic lenses that changed shades.  Now that I don't wear glasses anymore, that greenish/grayish coloration is no longer there.

Thus, the greens really look green, even the Rio Olympic diving pool:

Here are are few photos, mostly from the bullet train whizzing along at more than twice the speed of highway traffic.  These trains can go up to 200 MPH, although the record is 275 MPH and their experimental Maglev (left) has gone as fast as 375 MPH.

Clearly, not only green, but all the hues are more brighter.  Cataract surgery has certainly improved my life.

So, back to my three meals today:

Breakfast as the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort, soba and sake on the Kirishima to Kagoshima-Chuo and Burger King and Kirin Beer at the St. Regis Osaka.  Tomorrow, on to Sendai.

Tropical Storm Chanthu seems headed straight for Tokyo.  Just around the time I leave Haneda Airport for Bangkok, the storm is predicted to make a turn towards the north....hopefully:


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