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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


For the first time ever, our Presidential Election will make global warming a major issue.  On one side we have Donald Trump, who thinks climate change is a hoax.  On the other, Hillary Clinton feels this is an urgent concern (and this occurred about a year ago). How can two mature adults be so different in outlook?

When Barack Obama was first elected president in 2008, Gallup found the following:

So even though the divide was already great by party, global warming was largely ignored in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.  

These general feelings are now even more contrasted, for last year (2015) 70% of Democrat-leaning voters said human activity was driving global warming, while only 27% of Republicans so believed.  In related issues:

Can't read the above?  Click on it.

These differences occur because Republicans seemed fixed on watching conservative TV channels (such as FOX) and listen to people like Rush Limbaugh.  Democrats are just the opposite.  The result is that Republicans feel somewhat safe in trying to protect those fossils fuel companies that help fund their campaigns, for here is one poll that indicates 91% of Americans are not worried about global warming.  

However, you need to always be certain who is saying what.  This statement came from The Daily Caller, which, it turns out, is a politically conservative opinion and news web site.  So you look closer and learn that this statistic came from a YouGov poll of 17 countries asking what is your biggest concern.  For Americans, terrorism at 28% was the top issue, and 9.2% said global warming. Thus, even though "only" a tiny percentage listed climate change as the most important, a lot more think this issue is also worthy of concern.

Here is a more representative trends indicator from Gallup:

Note that after 2015, a shift occurred, and 56% now think that the environment should be given a higher priority than economic growth, which is down to 37%.

In March I posted on THE DESTRUCTION OF REPUBLICANISM.  Donald Trump is appearing to be doing everything possible to insure for a total eclipse of the Republican Party.

To close, let me alarm you with my scare story of The Venus Syndrome.  If you clicked on that Hillary Clinton clip in the first paragraph from The Thom Hartmann Program, he introduces Clinton's release on this issue with a hint of the dangers from methane...yes, methane, not carbon dioxide. 


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