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Monday, August 8, 2016

CIRCLE PACIFIC ADVENTURE 2016: Day #1--Honolulu to Narita

I'm at the airport awaiting departure in the United Club.  One advantage of being a multi-million mile flyer is free membership for life.  My United plane, with Diamond Head in the background blocked by an ANA tail:

A good start, for my taxi came on time, check in was a simple matter of a few clicks on a computer, which placed me in a special category where there was no line, I did not have to take of my shoes, and I could leave my computer in the bag through security.
This is a rather simple itinerary, for I have a one week Japan Rail Pass, then on to Bangkok for a few days, a flight to Sydney for the Hawaii-Cal football game, a stopover in San Francisco, and home to Honolulu.  The sealing inducement was United offering 70,000 free miles if you spent $15,000 by November.  This Circle-Pacific trip in First Class cost $15, 034, so add 20,000 or so miles for the flights themselves, and 15,000 miles by charging this cost to my Mileage Plus VISA card, for a total of 105,000 miles, if not more.

Yesterday, the 15 Craigside Photography Club presented to Cookie, who ran the programs here since the place opened, but decided to retire to travel more, a book:

This is a hardback with photos from the members, produced by Scott, our mentor:

Very impressive.  Note that he is pouring a blue champagne, which we had with lunch.  We could have used champagne glasses, which I neglected to order.  Here, Takeo with Cookie:

Sorry, her eyes are closed, but that is why you always take more than one photo, which I didn't do.

However, here is one of the photos from this book:

Tomorrow, Tokyo.


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