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Saturday, August 20, 2016

CIRCLE PACIFIC ADVENTURE 2016: Day #12--Donald Trump would do well in Thailand

Let me today just comment on an opinion piece I just saw in The Nation, a Thai national newspaper:

     Donald Trump would do well in Thailand

by Tulsathit Taptim, and you can communicate with him at:

First, you got to read this!  To summarize, Trump's key attributes that will outshine any politician in the Land of Smiles (which is known as Thailand):
  • He is rich:  for you have to be wealthy to play politics in Thailand.  This requirement isn't constitutional, but it is mandatory.  You must have millions in the bank to be a champion of the poor.  Donald Trump is mega-rich, a perfect personality to prescribe anti-poverty solutions for Thailand.
  • He doesn't like minorities or immigrants that much:  a black mark of successful political leadership in Thailand is to have insulted some minority group.  (Note the positive contradiction.)  Trump will waltz into the club.
  • Half of the country hates him:  the bigger the number of haters, the greater the leader can be.  No question he will do fine in Thailand.
  • He makes you hate:  what matters most is to make sure people hate your opposition more than you.  This is Thai strategy to the core.  Trump's quality trumps anyone in Thailand.
  • He (apparently) wants his opponent dead:  one problem here is that he only hinted about Second Amendment people assassinating Hillary Clinton.  In Thailand, he could be a bit more straightforward and make no room for reading between the lines.
  • His party doesn't like him but it can't live without him:  this might sound new in America, but it's a longstanding tradition here.
  • He's a product of American democracy:  most intellectuals here prefer the U.S. system over military dictatorship.  Trump would be an ambassador for the world's greatest democracy by bringing genuine freedom of speech to Thailand.
  • Last but not least, he will make you vote with clenched teeth:  voters here are familiar with choosing the lesser evil, so Trump would slot in nicely.  He would find more understanding and more accommodating voters who have learned how to live with a system that stinks.
Well, today I begin a similar adventure as I went through in Japan, where I stayed in six different hotels in seven days.  Next, the Sheraton Royal Orchid, on the banks of the brownish green Chao Phraya.

Looks like Tropical Storm Lionrock will beat Typhoon Mindulle to their meeting point this weekend:

Lionrock will have left by the time Mindulle arrives at their intersection spot.  Sort of reminds me of Humphrey Bogart (also known as Lionrock) being crushed that Ingrid Bergman (as Mindulle) did not show up at the train Paris train station in the movie Casablanca.  Maybe Mindulle will suddenly make a right turn east to keep to this script, instead of devastating Tokyo as a typhoon.  Heck, if we've come this far, here is Dooley Wilson playing As Time Goes By to her.  Here's looking at you, kid.  Great moments in filmdom.


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