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Friday, August 12, 2016

CIRCLE PACIFIC ADVENTURE: Day #5: Osaka to Miyazaki

The Shinkansen from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka and Hakata is the 700 series (top).  The Shinkansen to Kyushu features the 800 series (second from top), while the newer Hokoriku to Kanazawa and Hayabusa to Hokkaido use E5 (third) for the former and E2/7/9 (bottom) for the latter.

Thus, my train today from Shin-Osaka to Kagoshima-Chuo was the 800.  Along the way I saw Himeji Castle:

I noticed in Kumamoto lot of blue roofs...but looked closer, and saw that these were mostly blue tarps.  Four months ago this city suffered from a 7.0 earthquake, and recovery has not yet been total.

I've long been amused with the variety of colors used on these mostly tile roofs:

In Kagoshima-Chuo I transferred to a local train to Miyazaki.  That is Mount Sakurajima, the volcano that erupted in February, just across Kagoshima.

Not sure what that was, but not the Sendai (there is one here and another close to Fukushima, where the nuclear disaster occurred--one of my stops in a few days) nuclear power plants, the only two currently operating in Japan.  These nuclear facilities are located 31 miles from that active volcano.  Then a taxi to the Sheraton Ocean Resort:

I was standing in a long line when a lady came up to me and asked if I was Professor Takahashi.  How she determined this is a mystery, but she took me to a special room where I sat and signed in.  The concierge made all my dinner reservations and answered all my questions.  My room view, day and night:

I then tested their onsen:

No photos allowed. Totally relaxed, I went up to the Club Lounge for a drink.  That is a championship golf course below, with lights for night play.  There is also a tennis complex here, plus a biological park and zoo.

I didn't eat much because I'm having a simple Miyazaki wagyu beef dinner at Yashio:

Lots of orchids here:

Their bar:

The place is packed, mostly families, and almost all from Japan.  Wow, as was finishing up this posting, fireworks exploded just outside my window.  The whole place shook:



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