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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


My e-book on Pearl's Ashes takes a holiday today, for yesterday was Pearl's birthday, and since she passed away eight years ago, I on many occasions have had dinner at her favorite restaurant, La Mer in the Halekulani Hotel.  It was only last month that I reported on Chapter 16 of her ashes.  This time, I brought my three neighbors from 15 Craigside:

Our view of Diamond Head from our table, very close to where my photo was taken for the masthead above:

From the left, Deanna, Charlotte, Tom, me, Al and John.  First came the traditional free something, a cold soup:

Excellent.  Next, probably the best one dish of the night, scallops, with cuttlefish and caviar:

The wine was a Sterling Cabernet Sauvignon.  John ordered a grilled foie gras:

He said, it was fabulous.  The main entre' varied, starting with Al's abalone:

He said it was chewable.  I had a beef / foie gras dish, and our second wine was a Clois du Bois Meritage from Alexander Valley:

Tom had a souffle for his dessert, while I had a cheese plate:

I had a cappuccino with the free petit fours:

Also served was Pearl's Birthday Cake shown above.  We were whisked home in John's Mercedes:

What a day, for earlier in the afternoon I gave a talk at 15 Craigside on my recent global adventure, which you can re-visit here.  Next Wednesday for sure, the Tulips of Keukenhof and Amsterdam.

Hurricane activity is picking up:

In particular, looming hurricane Fernanda could well head towards Hawaii:


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