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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Went to sleep last night with Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven, #248.  He wrote the first verse after his 4-year old son Conor fell from a 53rd floor window in New York City.  The song won the 1993 Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal.  He stopped playing this song in concert in 2004.

I awoke to the Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody, #172.  I soon leave for the airport, but can provide Max's Top 10 Greatest Songs of All Time:

10DON'T BE CRUEL                          ELVIS PRESLEY            
9YOU'RE THE VOICE                        JOHN FARNHAM             
8NOVEMBER RAIN                           GUNS N ROSES             
7MORE THAN A FEELING                     BOSTON                   
6GOOD VIBRATIONS                         BEACH BOYS               
5SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT                 NIRVANA                  
4KHE SAHN                                COLD CHISEL              
3STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN                      LED ZEPPELIN             
2BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY                       QUEEN                    
1IMAGINE                                 JOHN LENNON
Never heard of some of them.  Cold Chisel is a rock band from Adelaide, and John Farnham is an Australian pop singer, so I understand.  They are both on Australian stamps and therefore must be famous here.

However, I don't recall More Than a Feeling by Boston, a rock band from Boston, Massachusetts.  This song was released in 1976.  In 2008, Barry Goudreau of the group wrote to Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee:

"While I’m flattered that you are fond of my song, I’m shocked that you would use it and the name Boston to promote yourself without my consent. Your campaign’s use of "More Than a Feeling", coupled with the representation of one of your supporters as a member "of Boston", clearly implies that the band Boston, and specifically one of its members, has endorsed your candidacy, neither of which is true."[9]

Boston supported Barack Obama.  The song was pulled from the Republican's campaign.

Well, I'm soon to board Thai Air to Bangkok, but thought I'd close with my plea to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, for after Thailand, I'll be on to Japan, and Kim's rockets are an adaption of Russia's Scuds, which were unreliable.  But their only hope are American bases in Japan.

No one listens to me, but you never know, there can always be a first time.  For example, I started my Huffington Post career with:

Well, Barack, We have a Problem...

This was followed with several other 10% solutions for world peace in HuffPo.

I later went on to:

A Message to President Hu Jintao: Three Steps for China to Attain Superpower Status


My Second Message to China (this to new leader, Xi Jinping)

Not a peep.  So I don't expect Kim Jong Un to respond.  Anyway, here are my recommendations:

1.  Get a new hairstylist.  Those whitewalls too appropriately reveal your immature youth.

2.  Exercise some and eat less.  I would guess that your Body-Mass Index is approaching 30, which is obese.

3.  Replace your female TV announcer.  She is much too bellicose and severe.  Consider signing up Kathy Couric.

4.  Soften your provocative overblown rhetoric.  First, they're more comedic than intimidating.  Granted, they are funny, but I don't think that is your intent.

5.  Do a more professional job on your photoshop releases.

Considerable credibility is lost when you goof so blatantly.

6.  Establish a legacy as the Universal Peace Advocate.  As President Barack Obama has snubbed my 10% Peace Solution, this is your grand opportunity to crash the next G8 Summit, which, by the way--will this year be held in Northern Ireland on June 18-19--and shock the G8 leaders with your vision for World Peace.  This will be guaranteed to work.  I stake my reputation on unbounded success.

7.  One other obvious image polishing move would be to ditch Dennis Rodman and cultivate Michael Jordan.  


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