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Monday, March 25, 2013


This is Part 2 of my education about the Jewish people.  There are huge gaps in my sphere of knowledge, and, until recently, I was largely ignorant of this subject.  Click on my Part 1, which expressed my amazement at the dominance of Jewish broadway composers, while sharing some rather shocking information about the decline of their intellect.  There are only two countries with a lot of Jews:  Israel and the U.S., both with a bit over 5 million.

There were, indeed, some famous Jews two thousand years ago:  Jesus, Moses, Abraham and St. Peter (the first Pope).  Of course, there are those who say Jesus was Judean and not Jewish.  But here is a case for Jesus being Jewish.  Controversial, but certainly at least a borderline Jew.  To check on who is or not, click on Jew or Not Jew.  Of course, this site has a sense of humor, and considers Einstein, the sheepdog from Back to the Future, Jewish, but only because his name is Einstein, who was Jewish.

Oh, yes, and Charles Darwin.  How Jewish was he?  According to Scientific American, Darwin wrote:

 “Don't get me started on Fitzroy and his meshuggaas. This meshuggener had a bed with only a wrong side because that's what he always woke up on. Always looking for tsuris. What a schmuck.”  

But you didn't see this, for the editor adjusted to:

“Fitzroy's temper was a most unfortunate one. It was usually worst in the early morning, and with his eagle eye he could generally detect something amiss about the ship, and was then unsparing in his blame.”

Other Jews?  Sigmund Freud, Gustav Mahler, Neils Bohr, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, George Gershwin, Levi Strauss, Jonas Salk, Henry Kissinger, Jerome Kern, Benny Goodman, Sandy, Elizabeth Taylor, Woody Allen, Julio Iglesias...and Bugsy Siegel, the Three Stooges and Ron Jeremy (of porno fame).  More recently, Sergey Brin (Google), David Axelrod (Obama's advisor), Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Supreme Court), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Bob Dylan (musician) and Sacha Baron Cohen (comedian).

Let me end with a Jewish soul singer who is gaining acclaim, except that you'd be hard pressed to find her on You Tube, for reasons I don't understand.  I think this might have something to do with plug-ins on my computer, actually.  (Anyone know how to cure this?)  Jessie Ware was born in the United Kingdom 28 years ago and is known for her 2012 hit, Wildest Moments.  See her on the Jimmy Fallon show in her American debut this year.  Why she is said to be a next star somewhat mystifies me, for this song only reached #46 on the UK charts, although the album, Devotion, from which this song comes, came in at #5 last year.


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