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Thursday, March 7, 2013


A colleague of mine sent a message to his friends about his firm atheism.  Here is my response:

Dear XXX:

We do have at least one common belief.  I can mostly agree with you about religion, and might expand your coverage to all of them, not only to Christians.

However, I'm not an affirmed atheist.  I like to think of myself as a neo-agnostic or something similar.  No, I'm not trying to cover myself in the unlikely event that I turn out to be wrong, and I'm someday shocked by my Judgement Day.  I do wonder why I'm in the gross minority of Homo sapiens when it comes to that God thing.  Sufficiently so that I am open to any compelling arguments to the contrary from anyone.

I'm even more bemused, though, as to why so many truly believe.  If you're from the Middle East where you can be terminated for being faithless, I can appreciate why so many are beholden.  Family and culture mean something, and this is why so many Americans do believe in an afterlife.

So that is why I wrote Chapter 5 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity  on the Golden Evolution, to analyze my mind as to why I turned out so differently.  Doing so more solidly convince me that my point of view could well be the true one.

Global atheism is on the rise, but I found it surprising that only 5% of Americans said so.  Even more astounding, this 2012 poll indicated that there has been a FIVEFOLD increase just since 2005.  Interesting that the USA and Saudi Arabia both share that 5% figure.


If I lived in the Middle East as an atheist, I would worry about my welfare.  So much so that I probably would not take that chance.  In America, just don't bring the discussion to the dinner table and you should survive okay.  And yes, what about Saudi Arabia and the U.S. both having 5% atheists?

Incidentally, China tops the scale at 47% (I suspect, though, that governmental policy caused this), Japan #2 at 31% and the Czech Republic #3 at 30%.  France is #4 at 29%.  Countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam have zero percent atheists.  The world average is 13%.

I saw a list of top atheists with Warren Buffet, George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg listed.  Bill Maher of course, and certainly Richard Dawkins.  Woody Allen, sure.  Plus, Carl Sagan, Ronald Reagan, Mark Twain, Seth MacFarlane, Jodie Foster and Albert Einstein.

A point made in various recent articles is that the non-religious plus atheist crowd in the USA adds up to 35%.  In Europe the non-religious has legislative clout.  Not so in the U.S.  Part of the problem is that they waste their time at trivialities such as deleting God out of "In God We Trust," complaining about phrases tossed around by politicians like "under God" or "so help me God", or fighting the National Day of Prayer.  The term, Atheist, is almost derisive.  Maybe Secular Coalition might gain more support.  There is the American Humanist Association with the theme:  Good Without God.

Worst of all, Atheists are not organized with no money.  Religious groups in the U.S. spend $390 million annually on lobbying Congress.  Right to Life and opposing same-sex marriage are big ticket items.

In my book on SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity, I describe the Golden Evolution.  The grand finale provides the future of religion.  Let me know what you think.

A new tropical cyclone popped up in the Western Pacific, which at 40 MPH has no name yet, but will soon strengthen into a Category 2 storm and threaten New Caledonia.


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